Different ways to find out best coworking space

Coworking Space In Trichur

As the number of entrepreneurs and freelancers are increasing day by day the demand for an ideal workplace is also at its peak. A Co-working space is a new idea that is trending in the market. It not only provides a space to meet your needs but also nurtures your dream venture to expand. You could find many coworking spaces in Kerala out of which Thrissur IT Park provides the best office space in Thrissur.

<>coworking space in Trichur

Coworking Space In Trichur

With a whole lot of options one may get confused in selecting the right co-working space for them. Since these spaces offers opportunities for freelancers, entrepreneurs as well as startups, you should be able to meet all your needs at one place without compromising your routine.

There are some factors to be taken care of while selecting a coworking space in Trichur.

Meeting your Needs

The need of every person differs according to their work and nature. Some people prefer a calm working space while others could simply choose for a buzzing workplace. For some, co-working spaces might be a Business meeting center and for some it might be a place where they could meet their goals sitting relaxed with a sip of coffee. Endless internet connection, exclusive work zones, virtual office, mail services, locker system, availability of favorite beverages, a desk or printer, access to the space at any time are some of the needs of entrepreneurs who search for their ideal work place. TIP IT Park in Thrissur offers a wide spectrum of facilities so that the workers could exclusively focus on their work collaborating and joining a community with common goals.

More Economical

For a peer group of employees renting together a space is not a big issue. But if you are a freelancer working independently money does matters. Even for the startups they may look for a space that offers a low price to start with. Since money is a primary factor that effect most of the decisions of your small venture, a space which is economical and cost effective will suits you the best.

Best Location

The co-working space that you select should accommodate your clients when in need. A remote area would be difficult for your client to reach in time and this could pull back your business. Choosing the central places are important so that a whole lot of travel, money and time could be saved for both your clients as well as you. Interviews and meetings could easily be conducted if your space can welcome and accommodate at least a group of 10 people.

Coworking Space In Trichur

A prominent location where everyone could access easily will boom your business.

Time Management

A flexible timing is one of the major factors in choosing a space. This is taken care of by any TIP centers in Thrissur, as we understand the routine set by our clients. Even if you want to switch up your working hours or demand for longer working hours we provide the facilities for you without any negotiation. Choose a place that reduces your travel time as this time could be utilized to expand your business.


Not all work in 9 to 5 routine. When women workers are considered Safety should be given more priority especially for those who work late night in their space. It becomes the complete responsibility of the team to take care of their women workers. So selecting a well-populated and well-located area for the co-working space is essential for any startups. Even at late night they should find a cab to travel back home. TIP IT Park Thrissur has never compromised in offering security measures for women.

Consider the future

Determine for how long you require a specific space for your business venture. The space you selected might suit your needs now but as the business grows you might have to change the location and at that time Membership agreements come into play. So while going for a co-working space consider the future and take necessary steps so that you don’t end up in disaster. TIP in Thrissur provides the best services and we are really concerned about your business needs in the near and far future. Agreements will never come in your way as hindrance.

Choose your co-working space wisely according to your working styles and personality. A space which offers all kinds of high-tech tools and services is a better choice. Understand the working culture of the space you selected before committing long term agreements. Ask the opinion of members who are already working in the space. Compare pricing and features of all co-working spaces before getting committed to one.

Work from home or co-working space- What’s your choice?

Best Office Space in Thrissur

Companies adopt various shift times and workplace priorities for their employees to make them flexible maintaining a work-life balance. Many opt for work at home option as the biological clock works differently for different people. For some a 9 to 5 job may seem hectic while for some others this is the quality time they spend in their life and career interacting with others.

Best Office Space in Thrissur

Working from home has its own merits and demerits in the long run when it is concerned. The main reason why people opt for a work at home option is that work could be scheduled according to one’s own time. It is your choice whether to work in the morning hours or to postpone it to evening hours unless your deadline is met. Being away from distractions would help you in concentrating more on your work.

<>Best Office Space in Thrissur

When a list of advantages is listed there simultaneously occurs plenty of disadvantages also.

1. Being Alone

Being a social animal, it is essential that a person interacts with society and stay in touch with the people around him/her. In work from home option, there is not a single piece of chance that the person could interact face to face with his/her colleagues. This may ultimately lead to loneliness and could be depressing to many people.

2. Distractions from home

Distractions always occur whether at home or at the office. Your kids might be running around you while you work, or the aunt next door would be frequently visiting your house during her free time, or else your friends would often jump for party time unaware of your working hours.

3. House chores getting mixed up with work

In between work you may be forced to pick up your partner from the market place or the desk you sit seems to be untidy and all of a sudden you stop the work and starts to clean it. These are the possible things that could happen in this case. So it is essential to separate your household chores and work timings according to so that it wouldn’t be a burden to you.

4. The imbalance between working hours

There are mainly two possibilities to occur. Either you might overwork continuously for hours being fully engaged in your tasks or you might not spend sufficient time to complete the job tasks assigned to you on that day. Your health can be a factor that determines this decision. Since no one is there to monitor you at home this flexibility may affect the entire work.

5. Unaware of company developments

Since you work away from your company and colleagues it is difficult for you to get updated on each and every development in your company. You might not be aware of staff changes and promotions as easily. Some communication gap may occur and you need to fill it up in order to prove your dedication in the work.

The disadvantages of work at home is compensated with co-working spaces. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers choose this option as they might find it costly to rent an office space individually.

Best Office Space in Thrissur

A co-working space is nothing but a place where you can go and sit in a space and have access to an internet connection. You may also enjoy a coffee with other co-workers which gives a feeling of an office. They may not be working for the same company. The demand of co-working spaces is increasing rapidly with an increase in the number of them. Thrissur IT Park, a technology centre in Kerala provides the best office space in Thrissur for working professionals.

There are many advantages that a Co-working space offers

1. Get exposed to different ideas

Being a more productive environment the people around you could inspire you to get more ideas as they all hail from different business companies in Thrissur. Unlike home you are not alone.

2. Avoidance of inconvenience

Your Co-working space in Thrissur could save you a lot of money that you could have spent for maintenance of office space if rented separately. Now you will be able to concentrate fully in your business handling all financial transactions safely. All the inconvenience you have faced till now could be avoided by just saving your time and money focusing on future goals.

3. No more Distractions

Working from home invites distractions from your family members and working at the office could end up in disturbances from your coworkers. As far as co-working space in Trichur is considered your privacy is given priority and your colleagues respect your work supporting in times of need.

4. Better work and life balance

Many upcoming IT firms in Kerala now entertains co-working spaces. This is because the employees will be able to separate their home with that of their work. Continuous working hours while at home is avoided in this case and the rest of the time they could allow for their personal matters. Their routine is not affected while sticking on to their own schedule.

5. Emotional Support

The best benefit that a co-working space provides is the emotional support the members gives you. Social events and other activities are conducted by these shared spaces that help the members to get relieved from the high end stress and negative thoughts they possess.

A day at Thrissur IT Park

IT company in thrissur

Coworking space is becoming popular among the new entrepreneurs. It is both economical and feasible for any enterprise ranging from small, medium and large.

<>IT company in thrissur

Are you looking for one to work with? Then you are warmly welcome to Thrissur IT Park.

Technological advancements are taking place over days and innovative ideas are popping up on everyday. A mega hub for freelancers and professionals is also such an idea.

Thrissur IT Park is situated in the heart of the cultural capital of Kerala. Neighbouring to the major infrastructural facilities makes TIP accepted by everyone.

A state like Kerala, with 100% literacy, have a plethora of innovative minds expecting to begin their startups. TIP is waiting for such creative minds to make their ideas alive.

Today, let’s together make a tour to the facilities of the new IT park in Thrissur.

A day at TIP is started with a prayer and we hope everyone being there will go in harmony and care for each other.

At the entrance, you will be warmly welcomed by our energetic front office team and we want that positive vibe throughout the day to cherish all your wishes.
We know that you will be coming before us with many expectations and we do not want to make them go in vain.

IT company in thrissur

Our common reception can make your clients attracted by the first impression with an international standard outlook. You will be assisted by a staff well versed in hospitality to make you feel like being at your place.

From the entrance itself you will be monitored by our CCTV cameras. Do not get panic, we never felt you suspicious, we care for our coworkers security. Please smile at our cameras and we can assure that smile forever while working with us.
Your clients can meet you at the client meeting room. Like you value your customers, we can make necessary arrangements to make them feel better with a good ambience and treat them like our esteemed guest.

Our world class conference room gives you the opportunity to make global business meetings with international clients and we provide you with uninterrupted power supply and alternative power backups.

We can also assure you with high speed internet connectivity for a flawless business activities.

You can make use of our cafeteria for refreshment. Consecutive works will make you tired and unproductive. We have a clean and hygiene cafeteria, have your intervals there and make friends on each day. It will be a good platform to make a fine network if used effectively.

Any dynamic and creative human beings are encouraged to be a part of our coworking environment.

Know more about our services that you will be provided with

IT company in thrissur

Free ERP software – An enterprise resource planning software will be provided for free to make your activities easy to do and keep them in a secure database.

Free mobile application – You will be also availed with a free mobile application to make your customer experience more easy and retained
Digital marketing – We can help you with lead generation through the digital platform. Our passionate digital marketing team will be at your place to hear your concerns.
HR, accounts management – At your demand we can provide you with HR and accounts management at an affordable rate.
Legal services – We can also avail you legal assistance on business matters on your demand.

Are you interested with our services? Then book and confirm your seat online.

What makes a coworking space productive than a traditional office space?

IT company in thrissur


You will be motivated and inspired to learn and grow by your coworkers.


Meet and know about your colleagues and make essential connections. This can help you in maintaining a healthy environment to work and creating connections for your further career growth


There will be a regular meetup event to retain the relationships and that can makes you take a break from the work life


At your home, you won’t be equipped with current technology devices. And with a comfy space to sit at coworking hub, you will feel like being at your home.

These can make you feel free to work and gives you a sound physical and mental health to become productive in your activities.
Walk-in and lets have a look at how TIP works.

Coworking Vs Traditional office


What is your most valuable and costly resource?

Time, isn’t it?

Consider the time you have to spend while starting an office with your own space, organizing office furniture, training for new employees, enlarging the list of clients and many more.

<>Information center in thrissur

Don’t you think they are countless?

In order to grow your company, you have to overcome all these activities.

Do you know the difference between running your business at a coworking space and the same in a traditional office setup?

Tired of planning the best implementation structure?

Do you think that this slow down your efficient work plan?

Let us discover the difference between a traditional office set up and a new generation co-working environment.

Type of community you are working

Coworking space – It will share an established, vibrant network which is prospering with different professions who are sharing desks and their creative ideas.

It collaborates different ideas by connecting everyone over there with insight into community working.

Traditional office – You will only have a small team of professionals to get your work done. Scope for an expanding infrastructure will be less and you might face a lack of recognition


Growing pattern of your operating cost

Coworking space – Generally the overhead costs will be shared among the membership price. Since coworking space has different levels of membership depending on the size of office settings, it will be easy to carry out the operating expenses.

Traditional office– You are the owner, and you have to pay all the costs for space, infrastructure and other facilities available. You can’t sacrifice the quality of your workspace since you have to ensure maximum output from your employees.

Helps to stay focused

One of the advantages of a co-working space for businesses is that they create an environment that helps in socializing.

Generally, you’ll find yourself connected with other entrepreneurs and their energetic teams. This aids co-working spaces to be a platform for networking.

For almost all people, these are positive sides, but they can come at a cost. But the interesting fact is they will be worth for your lead generation with outstanding infrastructure.

Final thoughts on the right decision


Whether a co-working space or an office setup is ideal for you and your business operations are highly depended on the intensity of your business operation.

Evaluating your idea for ease of essential scalability, the impression you have to make on your clients and the type of working environment you want would perfectly be matched with your daily tasks. These will be the important factors to make a decision on while choosing an office.

Infrastructure costs can be reduced

Coworking spaces help you to cut the infrastructural costs you might pay that is usually connected with maintaining an office. Apart from the expense to be met on renting or buying office space, traditional businesses have to pay additional for costs like extra facilities and cost of furnishing the space.

The cost of you have to pay for a coworking space vs. the cost you have to pay on rent alone often determines that, opting the coworking route will be the better choice. But the variations between coworking and traditional office space is most relevant when considering those extra costs that you are supposed to pay for necessary amenities.

Whether you are a well-established organization looking to develop things up, or a startup seeking for ways to cut off costs, coworking spaces avail an alternative to the traditional office setup. Embracing one among them could be the difference between winning and failure.

Why Thrissur IT park?

At Thrissur IT park you will be availed with the best amenities for a better office experience, and also lets you work in a clean and hygiene workspace, and provide you with a space to work where you would love to work forever.

We have a vast pool of facilities for you

Workspace facilities

An awesome ambiance to work and we can provide a clean atmosphere to do your business operations. TIP have and fully furnished and customized workspace set up on demand.

Service facilities
We assure you with world class services with promptness and responsibility. Administrative and management services are also provided on demand.

Technological facilities
Our mega hub can provide you with technical support with highly advanced staffs.

Provisional facilities
One can only work with a fair environment. We assure everyone at the coworking space, a better environment to work with.

Better mental health with co-working space


As we have headed over to a new year, most of us have begun to implement our New Year’s resolutions. Almost everyone focuses on enhancing our physical health after the extravagant festive season.

<>coworking space in thrissur

Have you forgotten about your mental health?


If you are running your own business or office space, you may have no idea about the same. But it will be a very dangerous move for freelancers as they work for long hours without any human interactions.

Now it is very common to work from home and many freelancers even work at comfy places like a coffee shop.

Are you one among them?

Perhaps you and your co-founder may be looking for a better place to explore.

Co-working can be a tonic for the well being of your mental health and you can flourish your business with a strong community of creative souls.

Co-working environment can be the best way to build your startup. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this fabulous proposal.

How much you are willing to spend on a startup company?

If you start your own business, then it is sure that you need a large amount to capitalize your ideas. The capital can be arranged in many ways, own fund or borrowed fund. And some may do not have enough fund to raise. Then co-working environment will have a great deal with them.


What all things will reflect your productivity?

Have you ever thought of how you can be productive?

A peaceful mind is needed for everything to happen in the desired way. It is a proven fact that the self-employed are more prone to burnouts with their workload than an average employee. Even if, entrepreneurs and freelancers may be mastered in their business and they enjoy a balance between work and life. Since then, they work more than casual employees and faces many consequences.

Getting into an ideal work environment will give you a new space and a sense of belongingness with a community of new perspective.

Discover the ways co-working space will help you in securing sound mental health in this New Year.

  1. You can be a part of a big team – Being a part of a team is strongly correlated with psychological well being and then enhance the physical health benefits.
  2. Gives a balance between your work and life- It makes your day structured by creating habits and daily routines. This can improve your productivity than working alone. And hence you can focus on your work by avoiding mental distractions
  3. You will be availed with a chance to collaborate with others – As you do not have a companion to rely on if you are working alone. Co-working brings you the benefits of networking and you will get opportunities to interact with others having same thoughts like yours. By finding someone with similar attributes, you can reduce your workload and expand your business.
  4. You will be surrounded by creative people who love to be active all the time – A positive vibe can help you in developing a self-fulfilling propensity. This is why people thrive in a co-working environment. The hundreds of co-workers who are working under the same platform will also be loving what they are doing there.

Co-working for means community


Co-working population is expected to be increased to million members and thousands of spaces by the coming years. It has attracted popularity to a vast number of people.

Co-working gives you the mobility to try a new space and it provides you with the opportunity to get connected with a plethora of professionals to form a friendly relation. It makes a sense of formal environment and a perspective to enhance your mental health.

Are you interested in joining this mega-hub?

Then you are warmly welcomed to the dynamic and energetic team of Thrissur IT Park. TIP can ensure you the provisions for all your needs ranging from a working space to a hi-tech infrastructure that could appeal your clients.

We are hopefully trying for a real worldwide phenomenon that can help freelancers to celebrate their work culture with a global community.

It’s interesting that members at TIP can generally keep about the same hours like holding a structured work life.

Our services include:

1) Unlimited High-Speed Internet
2) UPS Backup
3) Generator Backup
4) Centralized Security
5) Common Reception
6) Common Client Room
7) Board Meeting Room
8) Free ERP Software
9) Free lead generation through portal & other media
10) CCTV cameras
11)Card key access
12) Free mobile application
13) Cafeteria
14) Business lounge

Know All About Thrissur IT Park


Thrissur Information technology park ensures the best coworking ambiance for startups and entrepreneurs perpetually. Ingenious and productive insight always drives to be in a serene and cozy state of affairs. The outstanding working condition, charming look, pragmatic network, and many more make it eccentric in every aspect. Making every situation ideal the ambiance of the park is forever gratifying and caters the office needs. Now it is time to do what you love and keep in mind to select the place you love to do it. TIP is the perfect solution to drive your business.



1.Workspace Facilities


The IT park in Thrissur provides extraordinary environs to work and a clean surrounding to execute your business. The inner space is customized and fully furnished space which is set up as per the demand of customers. Extra features in this category are:

  • Conference Room
  • Private Cabin
  • Guest Room
  • Lockable Storage
  • Fully Furnished
  • Events and Talks
  • Well Lighted Tables
  • 2.Service Facilities

    IT center in Thrissur provides world-class service with sureness and accountability. TIP in Thrissur enables all sorts of administrative services and legal services. The major facilities are:

  • Mail Box
  • Accounts Management
  • Legal Service
  • Front Office
  • In-House Security
  • Cleaning Service
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 3.Technological Facilities

    On considering the technological part, TIP it park Thrissur furnishes high and advanced coworking space in Thrissur. The facilities relating technology is:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Lan Cable
  • Wifi
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Land Line
  • Card Key Access
  • 4.Provisional Facilities

    To make the working space more amiable and comfortable decent facilities are endowed to the workers. These are necessary elements needed for a better working atmosphere. Some of the important facilities offered at TIP are:

  • Cafeteria with Accessories
  • Restroom
  • Drinking Water
  • Air Conditioned
  • Washroom
  • Prayer room
  • 5.Flexibility

    Technology center in Kerala like TIP is highly flexible at all levels. New it park in Thrissur increases the ease and comfort of the workers. The facilities to prove the flexibility of TIP is:

  • 24 Hours Office Access
  • 24 Hours Power Backup
  • 24 hours Water Availability
  • Flexible Shifts
  • Custom Plans
  • Coworking Space

    1.Standard Benefits

    With standardized operations, TIP is a fully furnished office space located at the heart of Thrissur. Without the fixed cost of employee space, it helps to build the team easily.

    2.Event Benefits

    Events are arranged specifically for every community. I career portals and business portals free membership is granted.

    3.Member Benefits

    Best start company in Thrissur makes it easy to trudge with more entrepreneurs and network with the professional community. Flexible seating and time frames are perfectly arranged in TIP.

    4.Community Benefits

    Support is offered to betwixt different communities to grow together. A connection is build between the developing and well-networked community.



  • The features for members in premium package are:

    1. ₹16000 +GST/MONTH
    2. Dedicated Desk
    3. WIFI
    4. Hot Seat
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. LAN cables
    9. Accounts management
    10. Cafeteria
    11. 24 hours access

    1. ₹5000+GST/MONTH
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Time shift is from Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

    1. ₹3000+GST/MONTH
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Time period is Monday to Friday 4.00pm to 12am

    1. ₹1500+GST/MONTH
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Allotted time period is from Monday to Friday 12.00am to 8am


  • Weekend Basic Package
    1. ₹3000 +GST/MONTH
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Time shift is on Saturday and Sunday 8.00am to 4.00pm

  • Weekend Evening Package
    1. ₹2000+GST/MONTH
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Saturday and Sunday 4.00pm to 12am is the allotted time period.

  • Weekend Night Package
    1. ₹1000+GST/MONTH
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Saturday and Sunday 12.00am to 8am is the office time.

    1. ₹2000 +GST/MONTH
    2. No Seat
    3. Dedicated Desk
    4. WIFI
    5. Printers and scanners
    6. Front office
    7. Legal services
    8. Cafeteria
    9. LAN cables
    10. Accounts management
    11. Monday to saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm
    12. Mail box




    Hunting is the initial step of every work. To select the product that suits you is the most important process. Here you should identify the offer that meets your aim and objective of your business to prosper.

    Book And Confirm

    Selecting and confirming is the next step in this process. Booking the selected offer is the next stage. Do the required payment to complete the process.

    Check In And Start Working

    Every office will be provided with specific rules. So after booking your space check into space and work according to the rules and conditions specified there. Sit back, relax and do our business at your comfort level.


    Coworking space in Trichur favours you to work in a healthy environment and it boosts our self-confidence altogether. A group with similar fascisms and quality a group can be formed to reach the sky that will help you to identify your limitations and advantages in business.

    Small-scale industry

    Day to day business can be easily maintained and arranged by small scale industry. They can start a new firm of their own when the industry expands. They are capable to create large budget workspace.

    Large-scale industry

    At an affordable rate, large-scale industries can set up their branch in the park. It is advisable to hire less-professional workers at a reasonable rate. The park is provided with all kind of facilities to meet up the standards of a large scale industry.


    TIP provides immense opportunity to build his/her business providing new relations and networks which benefits them. Without any prior notice or proceedings, they can wind up the business.


  • Virtual Office
  • Meeting spaces for your business can be sequenced is require. Posts are accessible in one place. We have supplies to attend phone calls, emails, letter etc and to reply back on your demand.

    =>Mail Box
    =>Front Office
    =>Meeting Space
    =>Instant Space

  • Private Office
  • TIP is a fully furnished office with professional features such as chairs, high-speed internet, chairs, and other facilities. Similar to a closed cabin set up separate utilities and space will be provided to create peaceful and comfortable ambiance.

    =>Storage & Security
    =>Printer & Scanner
    =>24 Hours Access
    =>Rest Room
    =>Wash Room
    =>Card Access

  • Dedicated Desk
  • Here a particular office is given to an individual or a group. A bit more privacy along with lockable filing cabinet is provided to store your personal belongings at the end of the day. For private calls phone booths are available.

    =>24 Hour Access
    =>Rest Room
    =>Wash Room
    =>Card Access
    =>Printer & Scanner

  • Coworking Space
  • This membership will assign you to a workspace in a common area. With an additional charge a locker facility is made available. Flexible time shifts is available from 9.00am to 6.00pm or 6.00pm to 9.00am.

    =>Night & weekends
    =>Printer & Scanner
    =>24 Hour Access
    =>Rest Room
    =>Wash Room
    =>Card Access

  • Meeting Spaces
  • On paying additional charges you can avail conference halls and rest rooms, meeting rooms, projector and boards to make your idea more presentable and attractive to the entire team.

    =>White Board
    =>Conference Room
    =>24 Hour Access


    You can easily track us @ Thrissur IT Park, 2nd Floor, Ananya Tower, M.G Road, Thrissur, Kerala, India 680001 or email us at info@thrissuritpark.com.

    9 Things To Care While Searching A New Office For Your Business


    While a business is expanding and doing well around several cities, rather than coordinating the work from one office, the better option is to open another branch in another city as per the business requirement. To make more effective business communication and flexibility, branching a center is the best option. Lease a big office, an office space in an IT park or rent coworking space are the options as per the employee strength.

    <>TIP in kerala

    While choosing a new office, be sure about the brand image you want to portray. New office should be filled with facilities to fulfill all basic needs and employee engagement facilities. Even if the search for a cost-effective office, a futuristic plan would be more reasonable in terms of expenses. Here are a few tips on how to select a suitable office for your business.

    1. Wisely choose location

    Location is an important point while searching office premises. Even if you own the best office, but its place in the remote village, the client will not consider visiting your place due to the extra traveling time. Buy opting an office in the remote location is hard for employees to relocate and reach the office on time. You can even expect that new candidate may reject the company offer due to this location issue and even existing employees can leave the organization since their daily routine is affected. Hence, approaching the IT park in Kerala would be more considerable than having a big office in a remote location. TIP in Kerala offers offices and coworking spaces at the prime location of the city which gives flexibility for clients and employees to reach office without much hassle.

    2. Recheck the price

    While you are confirming a place, be sure to recheck the price. There can be hidden prices attached which the seller will not inform you and later they become a burden on your monthly expenses. Hence have a detailed contract mentioning all the points to remove the hidden surprises later on. Also, add the monthly expenses to see how much this property really costing you or it is worthwhile for you. For readymade office premises, you can approach TIP in Thrissur who is having world standard offices right in the center of Thrissur.

    3. Apt for maintaining the company culture

    There are the certain thing the company will carry forward. One of them is their company culture. A company may be strict in nature, more client-friendly, employee friendly, environment-friendly, architecture friendly, etc. The important thing is to carry forward the culture that the company carries. Carrying the culture will become an identity for the company. TIP centers in Kerala do provide readymade offices as per the requirement. Hence you can inform them about your cultural requirement so that your legacy continues with the new office.

    4. Accessibility

    Even if you find a new office near to the city center along with all the interior requirement, the next point to notice is the accessibility of basic facilities around the park. From office requirement to employee personal needs need to be fulfilled within a short distance from the office. TIP IT park in Thrissur provides you world standard offices and coworking spaces that can fit your need and having all basic facilities and access to all basic facilities in town.

    5. Proper communication and internet facility

    A company should have a proper electrical connection, phone connection and most importantly internet and intranet connection to complete all the communication facilities. Internet and intranet should have high speed for a smooth operation and communication. Such facilities should be checked before the deal rather than following up for a better connection after the deal. TIP from Thrissur offers all the facilities with a guaranteed quality which an IT park in Trichur needed.

    6. Size

    Size of a company can vary as per business requirement. Based on the same company can decide the size of the office their prefer. When big companies look for the world standard and well-designed offices to keep up their standard, small and medium offices looks for basic facilities. Most of the startup units prefer coworking space to get rid of maintenance issues and focus on their assignments. Although size cannot measure the capacity of a business. At least a company should consider the basic needs of employees working there and spend money considering future benefits. For all requirements, TIP being the best IT center in Thrissur can provide you same facilities that Kerala IT park provides.

    7. Infrastructure

    A normal IT company office premises consist of different amenities like cafeteria, gym, refreshment area, park, and greenery etc. These facilities are there to engage employee and refresh them during the hectic days. Such infrastructure allows them to take few short breaks to spend the time to refresh their mind. Although these facilities are costly, it indirectly causing more productivity among employees. Most of the IT parks do have such facilities and even coworking spaces are providing these facilities for their clients. TIP being the No 1 IT park in Thrissur, offer you all facilities that a world standard IT park provides. TIP also offer, coworking spaces and small offices which is preferable for small and medium firms.

    8. Traffic

    Traffic is one of the most irritating parts of our life. Daily commuting through tough traffic scenarios can make your routine hell and drop your energy considerably. In a place like Bangalore, employees change their homes to nearby location even if the location changed just 5 km. majority of Indian cities are affected by traffic issues and the issue still persists. In such cases, most of the employees prefer to live nearby to offices to avoid long waits and pollution filled traffic. Hence, the better choice is to find a place which is at the entrance of the city yet not so crowded for producing traffic. new IT park in Kerala is placing their offices nearby to the city.

    9. Security

    Security is one of the most major points which needs to be considered during new office selection. Inspecting and testing the security measures and knowing the maintaining task and its cost are mandatory. This will give a status that how secure these office premises is. Testing should be mandatorily done for CCTV, access keys and its network, security policies, etc. All the IT park from Kerala are maintaining a high-security feature and reliable to work under them.

    As business progresses, most of the business units need to extend their branches to other cities or need to shift it to another place. Even the new business entrepreneurs who are entering in the business world need an office premise to work better. There are many office options which can be considered, however, above mentioned points need to be taken care while searching for a new office. You can approach coworking space in Kerala if you need a few seats on a monthly rent basis. TIP which is Thrissur Infotech Park is providing co-working spaces in Thrissur, office spaces, etc. You can contact TIP via http://thrissuritpark.com/ site and can avail information about the current availability of offices and offers. Wishing you all a great entrepreneur career ahead.

    TOP 8 Benefits that Coworking Space Offers


    Coworking space is a new term which not so familiar in many countries, however, most of the developed and developing countries adapted to this concept and is now considered to be upcoming infrastructure base idea for business units. Back in early business times, employees were not given much facilities with a little remuneration. Over the period of time, this concept has changed and many new facilities are allocated to employees. However, business individuals always find its way to reduce the money spend on Employees. Now the latest addition in innovation list is co-working space which is more interesting for employees and money saver for Employers.


    Coworking space is renting a space or infrastructure from a working space provider. Such working space rent out even 1 single seat and related amenities. There the firm will have to pay only for the requested seat and amenities and the employee will share the working location with colleagues from other companies. This reduces the cost of total infrastructure maintenance for company and employee get to know many other working professionals and working culture.

    Coworking space is considered to be a futuristic invention. The amount of money a business unit is spending on leased properties are too much and co-working idea may provide them with a chance to save a lot of money which they can use in a better productive section.

    Here we are listing out the main points why you should prefer working in a Coworking space.

    1. Better Focus on the work

    Coworking spaces are free from the monotonous and stressful office life and extra comfort work from home. Coworking spaces are consist of basic facilities for employees and employees from different companies and startups. This kind of scenario help to stay calm & composed and focus on your work. Having colleagues from different companies around help to stay more professional to make a good impression before them for the sake of own personality as well as for own company reputation. Many IT companies in Kerala interested in Co-working spaces, However lack of availability makes it difficult for them to grab an offer. TIP from Thrissur it park is allocating their space to make sure that all co-working space interested firms explore the opportunity.


    2. Expand our Network

    Co-Working space also provides you option to expand your network through other colleagues working in the same building. Since all are working for different companies, co working space let you explore other working cultures, meet new interesting people and share your experiences with them. It also helps you to give you more insight about the organizations and how different companies works and help you to grow personally as well as professionally through meeting more professionals and persons. There many IT companies in Kerala who are interested in this idea also initiating such Idea. One of them is TIP in Thrissur.

    3. Flexibility

    Coworking space offers you more flexibility compare to an office and also provide more professional focus than when you are working from home. Coworking space is a perfect balance between office stress and home comfort. This provided flexibility makes you grow more professionally and personally. Many IT companies in Kerala prefer Co-working space for the financial factor and employee welfare. TIP centers in Thrissur provide a co-working area which is at the prime location of the city.

    4. Never be Alone

    In Co-working spaces, Most of the employees who occupied in other seats may not be just employees, you could be sitting or conversing with any startup boss or company CEO. Such interactions are not possible if you are working from an office or home. Surrounded by the interesting person will make it feel that you are alone and find yourself more secure than before. TIP It park Thrissur is one of co-working space provider. They have opened the co-working space in the prime location of the Thrissur city.

    IT companies in Kerala

    5. Help to find the new client

    Basically, Coworking space is more suitable for freelancers and startup persons. They will find more and more people and can learn from the experienced individuals. This will also help them to find new clients and grow their business within their office premises. A co-working space for an individual is much cheaper and a beginning freelancer can afford the rent. TIP IT park in Thrissur is one of the firms who is facilitating co-working space in Kerala. TIP being at the prime location of the city, it would be a nice deal if the interested entrepreneurs can walk in or contact for more details.

    6. Work-Life Balance.

    Work life balance in IT companies is often considered an imbalance. Since many officials carry work-life issues and stress to home, Personal life goes for a toss most of the time. Co working space let you change the scenario and let the employee free from the office pressure and annoying manager who is always behind the back. Although the online follow will always be there, Co-working space cannot repeat the same office pressure. Thus it gives more freedom and relief and a better-balanced work and personal life. One of the major IT company who provides Coworking space is TIP in Kerala. They facilitate working space at the prime location of Thrissur city which is more convenient for both bus travelers and train travelers.

    7. Satisfied Employee

    It is not easy that you are working and satisfied at the same time unless you are doing your dream job. Coworking space let you breathe and focus on your work, better than at your office or at home. Relief from the office pressure and fixed office timing let an employee feel relaxed and happier in nature. Thus it ensures a happy employee and a happy balanced life. Working at regular hours and finding time for personal life is easier when working in coworking space. Hence while you are looking for office locations, consider coworking locations which may fulfill your at less cost thus resulting in a satisfied employee and company. coworking space in Thrissur is open now and Thrissur IT Park is providing the facility at city prime location.

    IT companies in Kerala

    8. More Productive

    Coworking space offers you more calm and composed environment compared to Office and Home atmosphere. When you are out of pressure and less distraction, you bound to work more productive. This is exactly what coworking space offers you. Its calm environment, Less distraction since other co-workers who are from the different company is not aware of your work details and busy on their own work. This scenario gives employees a space to focus on their work and complete it to perfection which office premises or home cannot give. There are many upcoming IT frames in Kerala who are likely to provide coworking spaces to their employee to escape from the maintenance cost. Most of the best startup company in Thrissur are working from coworking spaces to have all the facility that an office gives and also provide more flexibility than a startup expect.

    Coworking space is a new idea that comes up for targeting the maintenance burden that companies experience. Coworking spaces provide the spaces per employee and other related facilities for rent and make it more convenient for business owners to place their employees. This idea is spreading wide across the world and many Indian companies in Metropolitan cities are already using this facility. new IT park in Thrissur and upcoming IT frames from kerala likely to use this facility because of the easy moving facility it provides. TIP is already providing co-working space from Trichur.

    10 Factors Needed For A successful Entrepreneur


    The 21st century saw many developments in the field of technology, with so many IT centres in Kerala, Delhi and in many other states have started to function.

    <>business companies in Kerala

    Information technology in Kerala has provided many young entrepreneurs with a chance to excel in their field and do their best to establish their own enterprise associated with their business.

    Stats say that there are around 67% of business meeting centres from Kerala who unfortunately close every month due to bad performance or lack of qualities the entrepreneur had, that resulted in the crash of an enterprise.

    You need not worry about those stats because you are different compared to others, and it is that difference that counts if you be a successful entrepreneur or just an employee.

    The following is the top 10 qualities an entrepreneur must have to be successful:-

    1) Disciplined

    To have one of the best office space in Thrissur you and your employees must be disciplined. Once you are disciplined, all your works and projects complete on time, which helps you to be up to date.

    business companies in Kerala


    To know that you can make it large is always important to have confidence and faith in yourself, your employees, and on your enterprise. Only when you are confident about your thoughts and ideas, you can perform well and effective.

    3)Open Minded

    Look around even if you happen to face a loss, learn from the mistake and convert those mistakes with a suitable solution, make them a business opportunity, for the future. Even if you are offered a small project take it and build a brand loyalty for yourself by giving that small project equal importance and quality as any other project. Never let go work.


    Just like all the new automobiles, an entrepreneur must also have the self-start button. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, at the start, you will have to work alone with no employees, co-workers or partners they all will come in the long run, but if you wish to start you will have to start alone.


    TIP IT park in Thrissur suggest all entrepreneurs keep a close eye on your entrepreneurs, not for any void act, but to provide you with a sense or idea of competitive development you will need to hold on with your business.

    It’s gradual that if your competition firms provide their clients with the best service at a very reasonable price, it will result in they have more clients and profit. To turn things around an entrepreneur must be competitive.

    business companies in Kerala


    You need to be a craftsman if you wish to be an entrepreneur. Unlike other jobs the art of converting the loss into profit or keep the profits stable or increase the profit an entrepreneur must be creative and innovations must be brought from time to time in the business to retain and sustain the clients for your business.


    Don’t quit, try to stick with your dream and ideas to the end, stay determined and focused on your aim. If you are not determined on your aim, you will eventually end up wobbling and it would get hard for you to get back on track.

    8)People Skill

    To be an entrepreneur, the best startup company in Thrissur expect yourself meeting many clients, investors or partners who wish to be a part of your company and its future so make sure that you have good communication skills and interactive to people unknown.

    business companies in Kerala

    9)Work Ethics

    You should have a strong work ethic, all the rules and plans must be followed in a proper order. Respect each and every person you meet and treat them in a good way which will provide you with a better work environment.


    If you don’t have the passion for the work, you do, you will never succeed in it, you will probably end up having a weak enterprise with none of the organisation’s goals achieved. So make a skill that you love to do and convert it into your business.

    Characteristics Required for a Successful Entrepreneur:

    They totally believe in themselves– Self-belief is the incredible sense which should be upheld by an entrepreneur. It is the toughest characteristic possessed by every entrepreneur because here one should have the courage to overcome fear, doubt, and self-esteem issues etc. It is the toughest as well as the most wanted quality of an entrepreneur.

    Absolute clarity of purpose – The vision will be different for different entrepreneurs. Some are just meant to make money while a few are here to use their influence to change the world. The importance of knowing their purpose cannot be understated as there is no judgement here on the actual purpose.

    Should be good at finding needs and niches – Successful entrepreneurs are like a pair of opportunity glasses because somehow they discover chances in just about every situation. It may tend to be niches, as the old sayings, ‘the riches are in the niches’. Best startup IT park in Thrissur are well adapted to find solutions for the people in the niche once they find a niche.

    They believe in technology – Entrepreneurs must be always willing to take up risks. Having beliefs in their own skills it is more important to try with newly available technology and invest in it to check what changes and achievement it can bring to your business and life.

    business companies in Kerala

    Build resilience – Ups and downs are common in everyone’s life. All successful entrepreneurs have faced great challenges in their lives. Without hiding behind these challenges they have become resistant over time and they get more stable every day.

    A millionaire mindset – The opportunities are different between a rich entrepreneur and poor entrepreneur. Due to the struggle of the financial homebase, many strive hard to exists in business. With a strong desire to change, upcoming IT frames in Thrissur reprogram the brain if you are stuck in such a zone, develop your own millionaire mind.

    The right connections – Many are glad to complain about the global slowdown, unfair competition, and poor demand but this will not make any sense to improve the bottom line. To seek valuable advice successful entrepreneurs reach out to mentors with more experience and comprehensive networks. Information technology park centre Thrissur assign technical and marketing tasks to someone who has the potential to do so that they can focus on growing the business.

    Exit preparedness – Every attempt may not result in success, the flop rate of entrepreneurial enterprises is very lofty. Rather than dumping again into falling business, it is better to call quit and restart the business of something new. It is not necessary to be successful for the very first time but the skilled entrepreneurs know how to cut their losses.

    Skills Needed For An Entrepreneur

    • Personal characteristics
      1. Optimism
      2. Vision
      3. Initiative
      4. Desire for Control
      5. Drive and Persistence
      6. Resilience
      7. Risk Tolerance
      • Interpersonal skills
        1. Communication Skills
        2. Leadership and Motivation
        3. Listening
        4. Personal Relations
        5. Negotiation
        6. Ethics
        • Critical and creative thinking skills
          1. Creative Thinking
          2. Problem Solving
          3. Recognising Opportunities
          • Practical skills
            1. Goal Setting
            2. Planning and Organising
            3. Decision Making
            4. Business Knowledge
            5. Entrepreneurial Knowledge
            6. Opportunity-Specific Knowledge
            7. Venture-Specific Knowledge

          If you wish to start an enterprise in the cultural capital of Thrissur, I will suggest you contact TIP, Information technology park in Thrissur and have your own successful Business meeting center in Thrissur.

          <>it park in thrissur

    Why Does India Grows As The Fastest Tech Hub In The World?

    business companies in kerala

    India was ranked as the 3rd largest startup ecosystem, according to a report by NASSCOM. It is a startup ecosystem with more than 200 active angels, 150 VCs, 100 accelerators. Around 4200 startups are operating in India. Many technology-based business companies in Kerala have goaded growth, increased entrance to resources, created jobs, health care and education, ensuing in downing the poverty levels, and a better lifestyle. The nation is on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. For the Indian startup ecosystem, 2015 was the year. If one had to consider a place as the startup hub, more precisely a technological startup hub, more accurately a technological startup hub, Silicon Valley is the place they would think about, because it still continues to be the go-to place for tech entrepreneurs and startup visionaries everywhere.

    <>business companies in kerala

    India actually being home to thousands of startups like Ola, Flipkart, Zomato etc and many international offices like Amazon, Uber, Google, Facebook etc. our country is gradually getting into the big picture. To occupy the position of the next Silicon Valley, best business centers in Kerala is strong enough with the support of strong contestant to all the hubs in the list to be the next Silicon Valley. Here is an illustration of the activities that took place over the past year with some penetrations on how it has developed, and also it will continue to develop.

    Increasing connectivity and consumer purchasing power

    After China, India is now the second most connected nation in the world, with over 300 million people having access to the internet. In 2015, the whole country spent 169 minutes per day on their smartphones. The invasion of low-cost mobile plans, coupled with low-cost smartphones and laptops have empowered people across the country to connect, especially in rural India. The country still has some way to go in terms of mobile penetration, even though we expect this to rise over time, 23 out of every 100 people on mobile. Driven by the convenience, employment, higher incomes, increased access, and connectivity consumer spending that has been at the cutting edge is set to hit 3.5 trillion by 2020.
    business companies in kerala

    Home to a young, vibrant startup scene

    With the average age of founders at a mere 28 years, the country is home to some of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world. The ecosystem has witnessed a rising number of successful startups being agitated and exits taking place, showing signs of a growing ecosystem. This leads to build an increase in high-quality mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs with previous experience helping in building and also to drive a new business.

    In India, however, less than 10% of all Indian startups engineers and entrepreneurs are female. The numbers are even more ominously in the venture scene. The trend of missing out half the population(female) is consistent worldwide. In early 2015, the survey conducted by Stack Overflow revealed that 92% of engineers across the world were male. An increase in access to funding and a reduction in the cost of building a company from the ground up has been observed in India since time. For sure there will be a rise in more deep tech companies with local innovations like IT centers in Kerala, coming out of India.

    Advancing amounts of investments and mergers & acquisitions

    Profit from overseas investors, high net worth individuals, non-traditional investors, and a rise in micro VCs resulted in increased valuations. Over the last 12 months or years, highest funded verticals were e-commerce, travel, and food tech. Payments and startups based in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai received the majority of funds invested. To expand operations and user base and also to access the best engineering talent in the country, IT companies in Kerala have been making more acquisitions. In coming years, Indian companies are more likely to enter more overseas tech giants.
    business companies in kerala

    Opportunities and future trends

    • To the analytics industry in India, a rise in tech adoption has given rise. We can foresee more to come from this space both in investment and number of technology centers in Kerala being build because IoT startups have not yet taken the center stage.

    • To target the Indian consumer there exists an opportunity to bring global startups to India. Like Alibaba and Google, who want to capitalize on India’s growth, we have already observed a surge in them. Indian startup is more likely to go global over the next year, making acquisitions to crack into new markets.

    • Investing in internet access to the bottom half of the economy still poses a challenge. A large organisation like Facebook, or the policies and actions implemented by the government, it remains to be seen and will be able to alleviate the situation.

    • Within the country, more Indian cities will give off entrepreneurs to create mini-ecosystems. With access to angels and coworking space in Kerala, incubators and accelerators are important to provide mentorship, resources, and funding in early stages.

    • Some companies may have to downsize or stop operations as the result of lots of speculation about a potential correction. So those companies with strong fundamentals will strive through the cycle and some great information technology park in Kerala will even be built during this period.

    India has managed to overcome multiple adversities over the years, incorporating the dearth in shifting economic environments, infrastructure, and inefficiencies within the system in addition to cultural and social barriers. There are many TIP centers in Kerala that provide more platforms for entrepreneurs in our ecosystem to learn, grow, and produce terrific companies than ever before. Driven, ambitious, hardworking, educated, young, and smart rising middle class has also given rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs. Then only the country can move forward.

    Why not startups in Kerala?

    With several young and educated minds, Kerala can be a kitchen for startups. From fifth century AD, the technology center in Kerala was an important trading center. There was a dearth of fresh ideas coming from the state, despite the best brains. Today Kerala is fighting hard to woo investors from being in great demand globally.
    business companies in kerala

    Most of the relatively lower cost of operations and skilled manpower is available in the southern state that has an evolving startup ecosystem with focus on latest technology, most successful entrepreneurs are flocking towards Kerala when for their next venture. The government wing which takes initiatives to build up a pipeline of startups in the state. After having their first ventures in other cities successful Keralite founders come back to the state to start their second one. Also, many companies from Hyderabad and Bengaluru are coming down to Kerala.

    Which is the best coworking space in Thrissur?

    Thiru Shiva Peroor commonly known as Thrissur is the fifth largest city, the third largest urban agglomeration in Kerala, and the 20th largest in India. Are you ready to occupy a space in Thrissur district which is well connected to all major towns in Kerala. TIP, an abbreviation of Thrissur it park is one of the best IT center in Thrissur which you can blindly opt for your business. Incorporating all necessary vibrant features TIP is all set to occupy all new ventures.