Better mental health with co-working space

As we have headed over to a new year, most of us have begun to implement our New Year’s resolutions. Almost everyone focuses on enhancing our physical health after the extravagant festive season.

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Have you forgotten about your mental health?


If you are running your own business or office space, you may have no idea about the same. But it will be a very dangerous move for freelancers as they work for long hours without any human interactions.

Now it is very common to work from home and many freelancers even work at comfy places like a coffee shop.

Are you one among them?

Perhaps you and your co-founder may be looking for a better place to explore.

Co-working can be a tonic for the well being of your mental health and you can flourish your business with a strong community of creative souls.

Co-working environment can be the best way to build your startup. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this fabulous proposal.

How much you are willing to spend on a startup company?

If you start your own business, then it is sure that you need a large amount to capitalize your ideas. The capital can be arranged in many ways, own fund or borrowed fund. And some may do not have enough fund to raise. Then co-working environment will have a great deal with them.


What all things will reflect your productivity?

Have you ever thought of how you can be productive?

A peaceful mind is needed for everything to happen in the desired way. It is a proven fact that the self-employed are more prone to burnouts with their workload than an average employee. Even if, entrepreneurs and freelancers may be mastered in their business and they enjoy a balance between work and life. Since then, they work more than casual employees and faces many consequences.

Getting into an ideal work environment will give you a new space and a sense of belongingness with a community of new perspective.

Discover the ways co-working space will help you in securing sound mental health in this New Year.

  1. You can be a part of a big team – Being a part of a team is strongly correlated with psychological well being and then enhance the physical health benefits.
  2. Gives a balance between your work and life- It makes your day structured by creating habits and daily routines. This can improve your productivity than working alone. And hence you can focus on your work by avoiding mental distractions
  3. You will be availed with a chance to collaborate with others – As you do not have a companion to rely on if you are working alone. Co-working brings you the benefits of networking and you will get opportunities to interact with others having same thoughts like yours. By finding someone with similar attributes, you can reduce your workload and expand your business.
  4. You will be surrounded by creative people who love to be active all the time – A positive vibe can help you in developing a self-fulfilling propensity. This is why people thrive in a co-working environment. The hundreds of co-workers who are working under the same platform will also be loving what they are doing there.

Co-working for means community


Co-working population is expected to be increased to million members and thousands of spaces by the coming years. It has attracted popularity to a vast number of people.

Co-working gives you the mobility to try a new space and it provides you with the opportunity to get connected with a plethora of professionals to form a friendly relation. It makes a sense of formal environment and a perspective to enhance your mental health.

Are you interested in joining this mega-hub?

Then you are warmly welcomed to the dynamic and energetic team of Thrissur IT Park. TIP can ensure you the provisions for all your needs ranging from a working space to a hi-tech infrastructure that could appeal your clients.

We are hopefully trying for a real worldwide phenomenon that can help freelancers to celebrate their work culture with a global community.

It’s interesting that members at TIP can generally keep about the same hours like holding a structured work life.

Our services include:

1) Unlimited High-Speed Internet
2) UPS Backup
3) Generator Backup
4) Centralized Security
5) Common Reception
6) Common Client Room
7) Board Meeting Room
8) Free ERP Software
9) Free lead generation through portal & other media
10) CCTV cameras
11)Card key access
12) Free mobile application
13) Cafeteria
14) Business lounge

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