10 Factors Needed For A successful Entrepreneur


The 21st century saw many developments in the field of technology, with so many IT centres in Kerala, Delhi and in many other states have started to function.

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Information technology in Kerala has provided many young entrepreneurs with a chance to excel in their field and do their best to establish their own enterprise associated with their business.

Stats say that there are around 67% of business meeting centres from Kerala who unfortunately close every month due to bad performance or lack of qualities the entrepreneur had, that resulted in the crash of an enterprise.

You need not worry about those stats because you are different compared to others, and it is that difference that counts if you be a successful entrepreneur or just an employee.

The following is the top 10 qualities an entrepreneur must have to be successful:-

1) Disciplined

To have one of the best office space in Thrissur you and your employees must be disciplined. Once you are disciplined, all your works and projects complete on time, which helps you to be up to date.

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To know that you can make it large is always important to have confidence and faith in yourself, your employees, and on your enterprise. Only when you are confident about your thoughts and ideas, you can perform well and effective.

3)Open Minded

Look around even if you happen to face a loss, learn from the mistake and convert those mistakes with a suitable solution, make them a business opportunity, for the future. Even if you are offered a small project take it and build a brand loyalty for yourself by giving that small project equal importance and quality as any other project. Never let go work.


Just like all the new automobiles, an entrepreneur must also have the self-start button. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, at the start, you will have to work alone with no employees, co-workers or partners they all will come in the long run, but if you wish to start you will have to start alone.


TIP IT park in Thrissur suggest all entrepreneurs keep a close eye on your entrepreneurs, not for any void act, but to provide you with a sense or idea of competitive development you will need to hold on with your business.

It’s gradual that if your competition firms provide their clients with the best service at a very reasonable price, it will result in they have more clients and profit. To turn things around an entrepreneur must be competitive.

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You need to be a craftsman if you wish to be an entrepreneur. Unlike other jobs the art of converting the loss into profit or keep the profits stable or increase the profit an entrepreneur must be creative and innovations must be brought from time to time in the business to retain and sustain the clients for your business.


Don’t quit, try to stick with your dream and ideas to the end, stay determined and focused on your aim. If you are not determined on your aim, you will eventually end up wobbling and it would get hard for you to get back on track.

8)People Skill

To be an entrepreneur, the best startup company in Thrissur expect yourself meeting many clients, investors or partners who wish to be a part of your company and its future so make sure that you have good communication skills and interactive to people unknown.

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9)Work Ethics

You should have a strong work ethic, all the rules and plans must be followed in a proper order. Respect each and every person you meet and treat them in a good way which will provide you with a better work environment.


If you don’t have the passion for the work, you do, you will never succeed in it, you will probably end up having a weak enterprise with none of the organisation’s goals achieved. So make a skill that you love to do and convert it into your business.

Characteristics Required for a Successful Entrepreneur:

They totally believe in themselves– Self-belief is the incredible sense which should be upheld by an entrepreneur. It is the toughest characteristic possessed by every entrepreneur because here one should have the courage to overcome fear, doubt, and self-esteem issues etc. It is the toughest as well as the most wanted quality of an entrepreneur.

Absolute clarity of purpose – The vision will be different for different entrepreneurs. Some are just meant to make money while a few are here to use their influence to change the world. The importance of knowing their purpose cannot be understated as there is no judgement here on the actual purpose.

Should be good at finding needs and niches – Successful entrepreneurs are like a pair of opportunity glasses because somehow they discover chances in just about every situation. It may tend to be niches, as the old sayings, ‘the riches are in the niches’. Best startup IT park in Thrissur are well adapted to find solutions for the people in the niche once they find a niche.

They believe in technology – Entrepreneurs must be always willing to take up risks. Having beliefs in their own skills it is more important to try with newly available technology and invest in it to check what changes and achievement it can bring to your business and life.

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Build resilience – Ups and downs are common in everyone’s life. All successful entrepreneurs have faced great challenges in their lives. Without hiding behind these challenges they have become resistant over time and they get more stable every day.

A millionaire mindset – The opportunities are different between a rich entrepreneur and poor entrepreneur. Due to the struggle of the financial homebase, many strive hard to exists in business. With a strong desire to change, upcoming IT frames in Thrissur reprogram the brain if you are stuck in such a zone, develop your own millionaire mind.

The right connections – Many are glad to complain about the global slowdown, unfair competition, and poor demand but this will not make any sense to improve the bottom line. To seek valuable advice successful entrepreneurs reach out to mentors with more experience and comprehensive networks. Information technology park centre Thrissur assign technical and marketing tasks to someone who has the potential to do so that they can focus on growing the business.

Exit preparedness – Every attempt may not result in success, the flop rate of entrepreneurial enterprises is very lofty. Rather than dumping again into falling business, it is better to call quit and restart the business of something new. It is not necessary to be successful for the very first time but the skilled entrepreneurs know how to cut their losses.

Skills Needed For An Entrepreneur

  • Personal characteristics
    1. Optimism
    2. Vision
    3. Initiative
    4. Desire for Control
    5. Drive and Persistence
    6. Resilience
    7. Risk Tolerance
    • Interpersonal skills
      1. Communication Skills
      2. Leadership and Motivation
      3. Listening
      4. Personal Relations
      5. Negotiation
      6. Ethics
      • Critical and creative thinking skills
        1. Creative Thinking
        2. Problem Solving
        3. Recognising Opportunities
        • Practical skills
          1. Goal Setting
          2. Planning and Organising
          3. Decision Making
          4. Business Knowledge
          5. Entrepreneurial Knowledge
          6. Opportunity-Specific Knowledge
          7. Venture-Specific Knowledge

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Why Does India Grows As The Fastest Tech Hub In The World?

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India was ranked as the 3rd largest startup ecosystem, according to a report by NASSCOM. It is a startup ecosystem with more than 200 active angels, 150 VCs, 100 accelerators. Around 4200 startups are operating in India. Many technology-based business companies in Kerala have goaded growth, increased entrance to resources, created jobs, health care and education, ensuing in downing the poverty levels, and a better lifestyle. The nation is on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. For the Indian startup ecosystem, 2015 was the year. If one had to consider a place as the startup hub, more precisely a technological startup hub, more accurately a technological startup hub, Silicon Valley is the place they would think about, because it still continues to be the go-to place for tech entrepreneurs and startup visionaries everywhere.

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India actually being home to thousands of startups like Ola, Flipkart, Zomato etc and many international offices like Amazon, Uber, Google, Facebook etc. our country is gradually getting into the big picture. To occupy the position of the next Silicon Valley, best business centers in Kerala is strong enough with the support of strong contestant to all the hubs in the list to be the next Silicon Valley. Here is an illustration of the activities that took place over the past year with some penetrations on how it has developed, and also it will continue to develop.

Increasing connectivity and consumer purchasing power

After China, India is now the second most connected nation in the world, with over 300 million people having access to the internet. In 2015, the whole country spent 169 minutes per day on their smartphones. The invasion of low-cost mobile plans, coupled with low-cost smartphones and laptops have empowered people across the country to connect, especially in rural India. The country still has some way to go in terms of mobile penetration, even though we expect this to rise over time, 23 out of every 100 people on mobile. Driven by the convenience, employment, higher incomes, increased access, and connectivity consumer spending that has been at the cutting edge is set to hit 3.5 trillion by 2020.
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Home to a young, vibrant startup scene

With the average age of founders at a mere 28 years, the country is home to some of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world. The ecosystem has witnessed a rising number of successful startups being agitated and exits taking place, showing signs of a growing ecosystem. This leads to build an increase in high-quality mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs with previous experience helping in building and also to drive a new business.

In India, however, less than 10% of all Indian startups engineers and entrepreneurs are female. The numbers are even more ominously in the venture scene. The trend of missing out half the population(female) is consistent worldwide. In early 2015, the survey conducted by Stack Overflow revealed that 92% of engineers across the world were male. An increase in access to funding and a reduction in the cost of building a company from the ground up has been observed in India since time. For sure there will be a rise in more deep tech companies with local innovations like IT centers in Kerala, coming out of India.

Advancing amounts of investments and mergers & acquisitions

Profit from overseas investors, high net worth individuals, non-traditional investors, and a rise in micro VCs resulted in increased valuations. Over the last 12 months or years, highest funded verticals were e-commerce, travel, and food tech. Payments and startups based in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai received the majority of funds invested. To expand operations and user base and also to access the best engineering talent in the country, IT companies in Kerala have been making more acquisitions. In coming years, Indian companies are more likely to enter more overseas tech giants.
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Opportunities and future trends

  • To the analytics industry in India, a rise in tech adoption has given rise. We can foresee more to come from this space both in investment and number of technology centers in Kerala being build because IoT startups have not yet taken the center stage.

  • To target the Indian consumer there exists an opportunity to bring global startups to India. Like Alibaba and Google, who want to capitalize on India’s growth, we have already observed a surge in them. Indian startup is more likely to go global over the next year, making acquisitions to crack into new markets.

  • Investing in internet access to the bottom half of the economy still poses a challenge. A large organisation like Facebook, or the policies and actions implemented by the government, it remains to be seen and will be able to alleviate the situation.

  • Within the country, more Indian cities will give off entrepreneurs to create mini-ecosystems. With access to angels and coworking space in Kerala, incubators and accelerators are important to provide mentorship, resources, and funding in early stages.

  • Some companies may have to downsize or stop operations as the result of lots of speculation about a potential correction. So those companies with strong fundamentals will strive through the cycle and some great information technology park in Kerala will even be built during this period.

India has managed to overcome multiple adversities over the years, incorporating the dearth in shifting economic environments, infrastructure, and inefficiencies within the system in addition to cultural and social barriers. There are many TIP centers in Kerala that provide more platforms for entrepreneurs in our ecosystem to learn, grow, and produce terrific companies than ever before. Driven, ambitious, hardworking, educated, young, and smart rising middle class has also given rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs. Then only the country can move forward.

Why not startups in Kerala?

With several young and educated minds, Kerala can be a kitchen for startups. From fifth century AD, the technology center in Kerala was an important trading center. There was a dearth of fresh ideas coming from the state, despite the best brains. Today Kerala is fighting hard to woo investors from being in great demand globally.
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Most of the relatively lower cost of operations and skilled manpower is available in the southern state that has an evolving startup ecosystem with focus on latest technology, most successful entrepreneurs are flocking towards Kerala when for their next venture. The government wing which takes initiatives to build up a pipeline of startups in the state. After having their first ventures in other cities successful Keralite founders come back to the state to start their second one. Also, many companies from Hyderabad and Bengaluru are coming down to Kerala.

Which is the best coworking space in Thrissur?

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