An Entrepreneur’s Role in the Development of a Country

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Having a job center in Thrissur may feel like a normal or not a factor to exaggerate about much. Your business can provide you with a better chance to develop your nation.Sometimes your job center may not affect in the development of the nation, but what about the other job centers in Thrissur?? Won’t they help to develop Thrissur into a business hub?

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The role of an entrepreneur and his enterprise is essential for the development of a country, the revenue they create, tax paid, and the charity work they do all come in the count.

The following are the essential ways that can provide an entrepreneur to serve and develop their nation :-

Wealth creation and sharing

Entrepreneurs are good at creating wealth and later on sharing them. As the capital needed by entrepreneurs to run their enterprise would only come in from people, banks and investor. The capital created by borrowing from these three sources are invested in the business, and later the profit received by the enterprise is distributed among all. In this way many enterprise provide a source of capital to the economy.

Create Jobs

When an enterprise opens, not only it start a new business but also opens all those job opportunities available for all the unemployed in that area. Creating lot of jobs can provide a healthy and safe development for individuals, which allows to reduce the unemployment rate in India and also provides people with a source of income for a better living.

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Regional development

Most of the firms and enterprise are often set up in at the outskirts of the city, which is the rural area. An enterprise in regional territory helps to provide electricity, water, transport and employment offers in the regional sector. It helps the rural area to develop in a much better rate.

While starting an enterprise in a rural area, it can provide many job employment direct and indirectly for the place, which reduces the rate of unemployment and provide the rural area to develop.

National Income

When resources like land, labour, electricity, water and much more are used, it increases the national income of a country. The increase in GDP and per capita income of a country is again a way in which enterprises help to develop a nation.

When the GDP and per capita income increases, generally the country would spend more to benefit their citizens. This means all the excess money would be provided for the construction of schools, hospitals, offices, and much more.

Standard of living

The standard of living of a nation is a factor that really improves with the help of the development of a new enterprise. Let’s say there is a new IT park in kerala, with the introduction of this IT park new companies would start their offices there offering a better employment chances and some new trends or ideas.

Providing salaries and wages to their employee, will not only help them with a positive source of income, but also with improve their lifestyle.

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Community development

Many companies who are situated in a certain area provide opportunities for people in those community or area to be employed with a reasonable salary. There are charity works and many other social activities performed by enterprises for the benefit of their surrounding. It provides a better friendly and lively community to work at.

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