TIP: Renting Your Dream Workspace

TIP center in kerala

Bigger business? Freelancer? Have you started up or are you planning to build up your own empire in business? Well..Renting an office space is an exciting and intelligent step for your entrepreneurship. It symbolises that you have got into something that warranties your work being done and this is the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur. This is the best and efficient solution to spend the least amount of money not compromising on your needs before jumping into the big break. If it is just a start up then the extremely high property rate can burden you, instead, go for the option renting your workspace that can save you money for the smoother run later. This is the reason behind lots of coworking spaces popping out in every cities. Thrissur IT Park is a multi beneficial working space in the cultural capital of Kerala that is accessible for all those who have a plan and a team to build up the best fortune.

<>TIP center in kerala

All About Thrissur IT Park

Are you looking for hot desks, private or coworking offices on rent? Then TIP is the home for you. In the beating heart of creative Thrissur which is the most culturally iconic land in Kerala is the best suited spot to open up an office for your business and the elegant space for you is right here at TIP in Kerala. The beautiful spaces in the IT park in Thrissur is a mixture of hot desking and private offices for all-size-teams that is equipped with everything you need to do your work at the peak level while enjoying every moment you spend in here. We are already booked by many entrepreneurs and we are super proud to be chosen by many freelancers, small start ups and even bigger businesses. It is a TIP promise that you will be provided the best coworking atmosphere whether you need a single office cabin or a large area for your team to work efficiently. Best IT Park in Thrissur is packed with elegant appearance, excellent working condition, utilitarian network and many more..

Exclusive TIP Products

  • Virtual Office

TIP center in kerala

Virtual office at TIP IT Park is for those who need only an office address and cannot bear the expense of a dedicated office space. You will be able to have a business address at prime location in the city with a dedicated office assistant, call answering services, a dedicated phone number, etc. Also, you will be provisioned with business meeting spaces whenever required to boost up your business. TIP’s virtual office is best for people on the move, working from home, trainers etc.

  • Private Office

TIP center in kerala

TIP in Thrissur has the excellently furnished offices for your private workspace added up with professional amenities for a smoother office day. We are equipped with all the amenities like world class furniture-comfy and elegant, alluring interiors, high speed internet connections and other facilities. You will be offered peaceful and comfortable ambience to work alone as a solopreneur.

  • Dedicated Desk

TIP center in kerala

IT Park in Kerala provides an office set up dedicated for individual people or a group with all the required amenities for you to work effectively in the office space. You will be provided with more privacy including a filing cabinet which you can lock to safeguard your personal belongings at the end of the day.

  • Co-working Space

This workspace will provide you an unassigned desk in a common area with all the facilities for a smoother working area. You’ll be advantaged with flexibility to choose shifts as per your requirements. With an additional charge you can have a private locker facility in the office space. Coworking space in Thrissur is a great idea to kick start your business without much investment that gives you comfortable work space that is both time and cost effective.

  • Meeting Space

TIP center in kerala

TIP is equipped with magnificent conference halls and guest rooms that are available on paying additional charges, being the best business meeting centres in Trichur. Host your event with all the backup facilities to make it a great success. You can also avail meeting rooms for quick meetings with team members or clients.

So, book your office space at TIP that has all the specs to meet your business goals. We have everything to run your office at affordable price with standardised operations and all required support like technical, working space, provisional and service facilities. Your workspace is waiting..