The Advantage of Having an IT Park.

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Technology parks have become quite popular in recent time as they are popular in work and have many perks. They provide a real sense of community, allowing companies in the same or relevant fields to cluster, network and even collaborate. The significance of innovation and progress helps to create a special environment, that perhaps would not happen in a single location or where companies are alone.

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Some Advantage Of TIP center in Thrissur.

    => The transportation, is made easier for the workers and visitors.
    => Office in an IT park can provide more space compared to others there are meeting rooms, workspace and many more
    => Access to education and training resource.
    => The latest technology is used to make things happen faster.
    => Common areas for the staff to use.
    => Well secured area.

Information technology Thrissur

Thrissur has started their own IT park, to welcome new and innovative entrepreneurs to set up their workstations and exceed in their life. An opportunity that one should not miss, one who wants to start something new and collab other creative minds, to show the world their IT skills to start their entrepreneur career.

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Perks provided by the No 1 IT park in Thrissur.

The workplace facility is amble that provides the employe a comfortable and easy workstation, it provides a furnished office that helps the employee to work better, facilities like a private cabin, conference room, and guest rooms are also provided. There are many services provided by an IT park like a cafeteria, legal service, security, cleaning staff and CCTV cameras that provide a safe working environment. Technological facilities like internet connection, scanners, printers, LAN cable, wifi, and landline are also provided.

IT Parks offer many types of office for the young innovators of our nation, like a virtual office. A virtual office provides you with the best office feel in the virtual world where there are no walls and no limits, it’s easily accessible anywhere at any point.
If needed you would also be provided with space to conduct meetings. Private Offices are also provided with facilities like storage and security, printer, scanner and much more, this provides a 24/7 office access and also provides you with wifi and the internet. IT services and Business services outsourcing that is known as BPO.

India first IT services started in Mumbai in 1967 by the data group in partnership with Burroughs.After 1991 the globalization helps many foreign companies to be a part of the Indian it field and helped to develop the economy of India. Bangalore is also known as the silicon plateau of India, is the IT hub in India filled with all the IT Companies in the world, situated in Bangalore. Now at each state in India, there are around 3 to 4 IT parks that help to encourage them who want to start a business or an IT workstation. You will feel proud to have a business meeting center in Kerala with all these facilities, while in today’s day its hard to find a business meeting center in Thrissur.

TIP centers in thrissur

Types of Industries

(1) Small-scale Industry:

Small-scale industries are the branch of the government. Of India, is the apex body for the formulation and administration of rules, the small-scale industries can be easily managed and it easier to ensure the smooth run of the organization. When the industry expands they can come out and start a new company, They have the advantage to build a new industry in other small parks. A budget workspace is easily prepared.

(2) Large Scale industry:

The large-scale industry is the ones who produce goods in a mass number and have a spread nationally and internationally. Mass production gets you mass sales, mass sales have resulted in mass income, so it’s easy and affordable for them to purchase a branch within the IT Park, They can also employ more skilled and experienced employees. Thrissur information and technology park provides you with the best facility that can be compared to a large-scale industry.

At Thrissur Information & Technology park we make sure to help you set Up your business workstation. TIP in Thrissur provides you with the best office experience compared to others.