A day at Thrissur IT Park

Coworking space is becoming popular among the new entrepreneurs. It is both economical and feasible for any enterprise ranging from small, medium and large.

<>IT company in thrissur

Are you looking for one to work with? Then you are warmly welcome to Thrissur IT Park.

Technological advancements are taking place over days and innovative ideas are popping up on everyday. A mega hub for freelancers and professionals is also such an idea.

Thrissur IT Park is situated in the heart of the cultural capital of Kerala. Neighbouring to the major infrastructural facilities makes TIP accepted by everyone.

A state like Kerala, with 100% literacy, have a plethora of innovative minds expecting to begin their startups. TIP is waiting for such creative minds to make their ideas alive.

Today, let’s together make a tour to the facilities of the new IT park in Thrissur.

A day at TIP is started with a prayer and we hope everyone being there will go in harmony and care for each other.

At the entrance, you will be warmly welcomed by our energetic front office team and we want that positive vibe throughout the day to cherish all your wishes.
We know that you will be coming before us with many expectations and we do not want to make them go in vain.

IT company in thrissur

Our common reception can make your clients attracted by the first impression with an international standard outlook. You will be assisted by a staff well versed in hospitality to make you feel like being at your place.

From the entrance itself you will be monitored by our CCTV cameras. Do not get panic, we never felt you suspicious, we care for our coworkers security. Please smile at our cameras and we can assure that smile forever while working with us.
Your clients can meet you at the client meeting room. Like you value your customers, we can make necessary arrangements to make them feel better with a good ambience and treat them like our esteemed guest.

Our world class conference room gives you the opportunity to make global business meetings with international clients and we provide you with uninterrupted power supply and alternative power backups.

We can also assure you with high speed internet connectivity for a flawless business activities.

You can make use of our cafeteria for refreshment. Consecutive works will make you tired and unproductive. We have a clean and hygiene cafeteria, have your intervals there and make friends on each day. It will be a good platform to make a fine network if used effectively.

Any dynamic and creative human beings are encouraged to be a part of our coworking environment.

Know more about our services that you will be provided with

IT company in thrissur

Free ERP software – An enterprise resource planning software will be provided for free to make your activities easy to do and keep them in a secure database.

Free mobile application – You will be also availed with a free mobile application to make your customer experience more easy and retained
Digital marketing – We can help you with lead generation through the digital platform. Our passionate digital marketing team will be at your place to hear your concerns.
HR, accounts management – At your demand we can provide you with HR and accounts management at an affordable rate.
Legal services – We can also avail you legal assistance on business matters on your demand.

Are you interested with our services? Then book and confirm your seat online.

What makes a coworking space productive than a traditional office space?

IT company in thrissur


You will be motivated and inspired to learn and grow by your coworkers.


Meet and know about your colleagues and make essential connections. This can help you in maintaining a healthy environment to work and creating connections for your further career growth


There will be a regular meetup event to retain the relationships and that can makes you take a break from the work life


At your home, you won’t be equipped with current technology devices. And with a comfy space to sit at coworking hub, you will feel like being at your home.

These can make you feel free to work and gives you a sound physical and mental health to become productive in your activities.
Walk-in and lets have a look at how TIP works.

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