Why Choose Co-working Space to Thrive your Business?

Business meeting centers in trichur

‘Your Network is your Net Worth’ says the famous Keynote speaker Porter Gale. Being an entrepreneur who you know is more important than what you know. This is right where Co-working space is valued. It is the membership based office space where varied groups of freelancers, remote workers, and independent professionals work together effectively in a shared, communal setting with all required facilities. This is inevitable for startup that can efficiently act as business development centres in Kerala. All those who walks through the door of this space will be a professional who is determined to reach their goals. The office space will be as dynamic as the people who uses it. Unlike the traditional office set up, coworking space like that in Kerala IT park offers more functionality and flexibility. Let let us peep into the reasons you should choose Coworking space to thrive your business.

<>Business meeting centers in trichur

Cut down your cost on building up an office,

Business meeting centers in trichur

Be a frugal while setting up your own business, because you can save lot of money spent for huge and fancy spaces and its interiors. Coworking space drive away the need of year long lease and help you nail the prime location which will not be affordable at the initial stage of your business. You can access flexible desk space at highly reasonable office rentals. Thrissur IT Park is the right fit for business of almost any budget. Also, in case of a startup that grown in employee number from 4 to 8 or more, it is easier to shift quickly in to a private office space.

The space is inclusive of everything you need in an office,

Business meeting centers in trichur

Coworking space cut down all the startup costs including interior designing, furniture, utilities, appliances and so on. Here at TIP you are provided with all the facilities including,

  • A chair and desk
  • High Speed internet connection (Wired or WiFI)
  • Shared printer,scanner and copier
  • Shelves
  • Free tea/coffee with kitchen facility
  • Conference room (Reserved)

Also you will be free from office maintenance and cleaning, it is the building management who will employ for all those purposes like security, cleaner, plumping, electricity, etc. You are only supposed to pay the monthly rent which is far far affordable than running an office by yourself.

TIP in Thrissur offers a coworking space inclusive of all like accounting, tax preparation and any legal support required for your business.

Get the benefits of collaboration and synergy..

Business meeting centers in trichur

One of the main downside of a freelancer is lack of synergy and social interaction but IT park in Trichur give away an office space with a group of like-minded people that helps you to collaborate with others. Your family situation can also distract you from your daily targets or smoother office works at home. But a coworking environment can provide you with convenient, flexible and highly professional environment for you to work productively. You will get more information and advices regarding your market and products that helps you keep updated with the current scenario.

Get new valuable contacts and business..

Business meeting centers in trichur

New IT park in Kerala offers this space which is ideal for more networking with other entrepreneurs, particularly if you have a startup. You will get to know more talented people in various industries that can help you a lot. Are you in search of a creative web designer? A skilled photographer? An SEO expert? Well..they may be just a few desks away from you! Moreover, the space where you offer your service to other members may get you new business easily. Interaction with people in various industries every day is an ideal way to get positive word of mouth which is effective than advertising. Also, coworking space is a great way to meet potential employers for summer students and interns.

So, don’t wait if you have a business and a small team to help you work it out, coworking space is the perfect place for you to kick start your business. Not all coworking spaces are created equal, good one’s like TIP will let you tour the place and offer you a free trial. You are welcome here at TIP to launch you dream business and nurture it with effective working space.

Working from Home: Drawbacks that you Should Consider


A home office is a real oasis that many people dream about. People always love to work at their immaculate home office sorting out their tasks while enjoying a coffee. You would get more time to work, away from all those constant interruptions and time wasting on useless meetings. But the real truth is that there are lot many distractions that will waste your time when you work at home. It has been revealed that there are some undeniable factors that can act as obstacles to hinder your smooth working at home which is not possible when you choose the best office space in Trichur.

Family life revolving around your home office..

Working at home where your family resides can distract your concentration away from work. Your children or spouse would need some help or attention while you are around them. Your children would be running right to your office room frequently or them shouting while playing, your partner would need some help or guests, all which can distract your focus from work. You cannot shut the door infront of your loved ones or not attend you guests at home. A perfect solution for this is a separate office room away from your home. But buiding up your own office can empty your pocket and put you in debt. So what do you do now? Rent the coworking space in Kerala where you can have a shared hot desk or a private cabin on affordable monthly charges.

Concentration Jerks

Concentration is an important element in smoother and productive working hours. Your concentration can be disturbed by noises from your neighbourhood to your concerns about activities revolving around your home office room. You can get fed up with the usual doorbells by salespeople, neighbour visiting to have a chat with you assuming that you are free at home. It is tough to block away all these activities when you are at home. This is where co-working space in Thrissur comes into play. You can have a private closed cabin without pouring much money to set up one by yourself. Just rent a space for your efficient working hours.

Low Quality Business Calls

Your important business calls can get distracted by children, family or pets. It might be your top client on phone discussing important deals with you and imagine your pets barks constantly right then near you or your children quarrel over toys. This is truly an embarrassment plus, you may get angry will all those stuffs which on call. It can effect your tone, also you may skip important points while having the conversation. A co-working space is void of all these unnecessary noises. You can get that professional talk when you are at an office, away from home. TIP is exactly the place ideal for you. Our space, your business..

Unavailability of Office Equipment

This is one of the major problem with working at home as a freelancer. You will find lack of office equipment that are mandatory for your works which you cannot afford to buy for individual use. You can overcome this difficulty by using a co-working space. At TIP in thrissur, you are offered with access to shared printer,scanner,copier and other important office devices. So why deny this efficient office space while you have all these advantages?

You cannot mix up Office works with Family

It is impossible for you to isolate completely from your family. You cannot sit deaf while your kids are crying out of pain or behaving in-obedient to your partner. You cannot either shut the door when your relatives are home to visit you. You are a part of the family, so when you are around, you cannot deny the responsibility as a father/mother/husband/wife. However it is not possible to stop your office works all of a sudden, you will need an isolated space to do your works and complete it on time. So it is better to keep your office works away from your family. You need both but do not mix them up. It is good to rent a co-working space to have a designated area for your office works.

IT Park in Thrissur offers everything you need to run your business smooth and productive, your works pace, legal support, meeting rooms, office equipment, accountancy and tax preparation aids, etc. So why struggle at home to reach your daily work targets when Thrissur IT Park is here for you?!


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TIP: Renting Your Dream Workspace

Bigger business? Freelancer? Have you started up or are you planning to build up your own empire in business? Well..Renting an office space is an exciting and intelligent step for your entrepreneurship. It symbolises that you have got into something that warranties your work being done and this is the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur.
This is the best and efficient solution to spend the least amount of money not compromising on your needs before jumping into the big break. If it is just a start up then the extremely high property rate can burden you, instead, go for the option renting your workspace that can save you money for the smoother run later.
This is the reason behind lots of coworking spaces popping out in every cities. Thrissur IT Park is a multi beneficial working space in the cultural capital of Kerala that is accessible for all those who have a plan and a team to build up the best fortune.

Thrissur IT Park

All About Thrissur IT Park

Are you looking for hot desks, private or coworking offices on rent? Then TIP is the home for you. In the beating heart of creative Thrissur which is the most culturally iconic land in Kerala is the best suited spot to open  up an office for your business and the elegant space for you is right here at TIP in Kerala. The beautiful spaces in the IT park in Thrissur is a mixture of hot desking and private offices for all-size-teams that is equipped with everything you need to do your work at the peak level while enjoying every moment you spend in here. We are already booked by many entrepreneurs and we are super proud to be chosen by many freelancers, small start ups and even bigger businesses.
It is a TIP promise that you will be provided the best coworking atmosphere whether you need a single office cabin or a large area for your team to work efficiently. Best IT Park in Thrissur is packed with elegant appearance, excellent working condition, utilitarian network and many more..

Exclusive TIP Products

  • Virtual Office

Virtual office at TIP IT Park is for those who need only an office address and cannot bear the expense of a dedicated office space.
You will be able to have a business address at prime location in the city with a dedicated office assistant, call answering services, a dedicated phone number, etc.  Also, you will be provisioned with business meeting spaces whenever required to boost up your business. TIP’s virtual office is best for people on the move, working from home, trainers etc.

  • Private Office

TIP in Thrissur has the excellently furnished offices for your private workspace added up with professional amenities for a smoother office day.
We are equipped with all the amenities like world class furniture-comfy and elegant, alluring interiors, high speed internet connections and other facilities. You will be offered peaceful and comfortable ambience to work alone as a solopreneur.

  • Dedicated Desk

IT Park in Kerala provides an office set up dedicated for individual people or a group with all the required amenities for you to work effectively in the office space. You will be provided with more privacy including a filing cabinet which you can lock to safeguard your personal belongings at the end of the day.

  • Co-working Space

This workspace will provide you an unassigned desk in a common area with all the facilities for a smoother working area. You’ll be advantaged with flexibility to choose shifts as per your requirements. With an additional charge you can have a private locker facility in the office space.
Coworking space in Thrissur is a great idea to kick start your business without much investment that gives you comfortable work space that is both time and cost effective.

  • Meeting Space

TIP is equipped with magnificent conference halls and guest rooms that are available on paying additional charges, being the best business meeting centres in Trichur. Host your event with all the backup facilities to make it a great success. You can also avail meeting rooms for quick meetings with team members or clients.

So, book your office space at TIP that has all the specs to meet your business goals. We have everything to run your office at affordable price with standardised operations and all required support like technical, working space, provisional and service facilities. Your workspace is waiting..


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