Employee OR Entrepreneur

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Waiting for your monthly paycheck? or waiting to see your monthly turnover?. An employee and entrepreneur, are like the two sides of a coin. An employee is a person who works day and night for himself, while a entrepreneur is who works 24/7 for himself and others. TIP center in Kerala offers you a better chance to build your new office if you have a dream business. Providing you with a Business meeting center in Kerala, virtual office facilities and much more. These are some differences between an employee and an entrepreneur.

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1.Thought Process

An employee thinks without starting, while an entrepreneur starts without thinking. Employees often overthink their inefficiency about their job & get worried about their job quality even before starting the job, while entrepreneurs know little about everything and they start off with it. An entrepreneur would never doubt his capability, but an employee will.

2.Time to Act

Employees often wait for their best time to arrive, while entrepreneurs often create the best time. An entrepreneur is ready to do business anytime and anywhere, but an employee is trapped in his obligations and mindset will make them wait for the right time. At information technology Kerala entrepreneurs are encouraged and taught to understand the value of time.

business development center from thrissur

3.Promotion Time!!

An employee will usually wait for his promotion, but an entrepreneur will always wait to see his business promote. The gift of seeing the matter in an overall perspective is a boon for entrepreneurs, while employees have a narrow and short eyesight.

4. Dream do come true!!

While employees are busy dreaming their plan, entrepreneurs prefer planning their dream. Entrepreneurs have a strong will power, of getting things done. If entrepreneurs wish to set a TIP center in Kerala they can make it happen, while employees would still prefer to work all day and to dream all night.

business development center from thrissur

5.Money Vs Time

For an employee money is important, it is for money they work day-to-night. While an entrepreneur knows the value of time. Time and money are both important sources of a business, money once gone will take time to come back, but time once lost cant be brought back with money. Which clearly says the time is more important than money. TIP centers in Thrissur provide you with services that can help you in the management of time.


An employee’s life becomes more annoying and suffocating when they realize they have to do the same routine day in-day out for the rest of their life, this makes them hate their self and their surrounding often. While an entrepreneur’s life does also have frustration times, but at least they get frustrated with the job they love doing, which makes frustration vanish fast.

7.Feel free!

Being an entrepreneur helps you be free as a bird, you are the boss of your will and can enjoy your job with time to time breaks, But an employee is a stuck to their chair with the weight of obligations and office ethics. So a shout out to all those employees who wish to start a own business, do visit TIP center in Kerala.

Business Development Center from Thrissur

8.Why work hard, when you can work smart!

Employees work hard to solve problems which are easily solved by entrepreneurs in a smart way and in a much effective way.


An employee may feel depressed about the failure that occurs in their career, but a failure in a entrepreneurs life acts like a wake up call. Entrepreneurs make sure not to repeat the problem, not by skipping the problem but by solving it.

No 1 IT park in Thrissur, TIP provides you with the best service you deserve to create your dream business, TIP is ready to offer you their best service, but the question is, are you an employee or entrepreneur?

Why Choose Co-working Space to Thrive your Business?

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‘Your Network is your Net Worth’ says the famous Keynote speaker Porter Gale. Being an entrepreneur who you know is more important than what you know. This is right where Co-working space is valued. It is the membership based office space where varied groups of freelancers, remote workers, and independent professionals work together effectively in a shared, communal setting with all required facilities. This is inevitable for startup that can efficiently act as business development centres in Kerala. All those who walks through the door of this space will be a professional who is determined to reach their goals. The office space will be as dynamic as the people who uses it. Unlike the traditional office set up, coworking space like that in Kerala IT park offers more functionality and flexibility. Let let us peep into the reasons you should choose Coworking space to thrive your business.

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Cut down your cost on building up an office,

Business meeting centers in trichur

Be a frugal while setting up your own business, because you can save lot of money spent for huge and fancy spaces and its interiors. Coworking space drive away the need of year long lease and help you nail the prime location which will not be affordable at the initial stage of your business. You can access flexible desk space at highly reasonable office rentals. Thrissur IT Park is the right fit for business of almost any budget. Also, in case of a startup that grown in employee number from 4 to 8 or more, it is easier to shift quickly in to a private office space.

The space is inclusive of everything you need in an office,

Business meeting centers in trichur

Coworking space cut down all the startup costs including interior designing, furniture, utilities, appliances and so on. Here at TIP you are provided with all the facilities including,

  • A chair and desk
  • High Speed internet connection (Wired or WiFI)
  • Shared printer,scanner and copier
  • Shelves
  • Free tea/coffee with kitchen facility
  • Conference room (Reserved)

Also you will be free from office maintenance and cleaning, it is the building management who will employ for all those purposes like security, cleaner, plumping, electricity, etc. You are only supposed to pay the monthly rent which is far far affordable than running an office by yourself.

TIP in Thrissur offers a coworking space inclusive of all like accounting, tax preparation and any legal support required for your business.

Get the benefits of collaboration and synergy..

Business meeting centers in trichur

One of the main downside of a freelancer is lack of synergy and social interaction but IT park in Trichur give away an office space with a group of like-minded people that helps you to collaborate with others. Your family situation can also distract you from your daily targets or smoother office works at home. But a coworking environment can provide you with convenient, flexible and highly professional environment for you to work productively. You will get more information and advices regarding your market and products that helps you keep updated with the current scenario.

Get new valuable contacts and business..

Business meeting centers in trichur

New IT park in Kerala offers this space which is ideal for more networking with other entrepreneurs, particularly if you have a startup. You will get to know more talented people in various industries that can help you a lot. Are you in search of a creative web designer? A skilled photographer? An SEO expert? Well..they may be just a few desks away from you! Moreover, the space where you offer your service to other members may get you new business easily. Interaction with people in various industries every day is an ideal way to get positive word of mouth which is effective than advertising. Also, coworking space is a great way to meet potential employers for summer students and interns.

So, don’t wait if you have a business and a small team to help you work it out, coworking space is the perfect place for you to kick start your business. Not all coworking spaces are created equal, good one’s like TIP will let you tour the place and offer you a free trial. You are welcome here at TIP to launch you dream business and nurture it with effective working space.