A day at Thrissur IT Park

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Coworking space is becoming popular among the new entrepreneurs. It is both economical and feasible for any enterprise ranging from small, medium and large.

<>IT company in thrissur

Are you looking for one to work with? Then you are warmly welcome to Thrissur IT Park.

Technological advancements are taking place over days and innovative ideas are popping up on everyday. A mega hub for freelancers and professionals is also such an idea.

Thrissur IT Park is situated in the heart of the cultural capital of Kerala. Neighbouring to the major infrastructural facilities makes TIP accepted by everyone.

A state like Kerala, with 100% literacy, have a plethora of innovative minds expecting to begin their startups. TIP is waiting for such creative minds to make their ideas alive.

Today, let’s together make a tour to the facilities of the new IT park in Thrissur.

A day at TIP is started with a prayer and we hope everyone being there will go in harmony and care for each other.

At the entrance, you will be warmly welcomed by our energetic front office team and we want that positive vibe throughout the day to cherish all your wishes.
We know that you will be coming before us with many expectations and we do not want to make them go in vain.

IT company in thrissur

Our common reception can make your clients attracted by the first impression with an international standard outlook. You will be assisted by a staff well versed in hospitality to make you feel like being at your place.

From the entrance itself you will be monitored by our CCTV cameras. Do not get panic, we never felt you suspicious, we care for our coworkers security. Please smile at our cameras and we can assure that smile forever while working with us.
Your clients can meet you at the client meeting room. Like you value your customers, we can make necessary arrangements to make them feel better with a good ambience and treat them like our esteemed guest.

Our world class conference room gives you the opportunity to make global business meetings with international clients and we provide you with uninterrupted power supply and alternative power backups.

We can also assure you with high speed internet connectivity for a flawless business activities.

You can make use of our cafeteria for refreshment. Consecutive works will make you tired and unproductive. We have a clean and hygiene cafeteria, have your intervals there and make friends on each day. It will be a good platform to make a fine network if used effectively.

Any dynamic and creative human beings are encouraged to be a part of our coworking environment.

Know more about our services that you will be provided with

IT company in thrissur

Free ERP software – An enterprise resource planning software will be provided for free to make your activities easy to do and keep them in a secure database.

Free mobile application – You will be also availed with a free mobile application to make your customer experience more easy and retained
Digital marketing – We can help you with lead generation through the digital platform. Our passionate digital marketing team will be at your place to hear your concerns.
HR, accounts management – At your demand we can provide you with HR and accounts management at an affordable rate.
Legal services – We can also avail you legal assistance on business matters on your demand.

Are you interested with our services? Then book and confirm your seat online.

What makes a coworking space productive than a traditional office space?

IT company in thrissur


You will be motivated and inspired to learn and grow by your coworkers.


Meet and know about your colleagues and make essential connections. This can help you in maintaining a healthy environment to work and creating connections for your further career growth


There will be a regular meetup event to retain the relationships and that can makes you take a break from the work life


At your home, you won’t be equipped with current technology devices. And with a comfy space to sit at coworking hub, you will feel like being at your home.

These can make you feel free to work and gives you a sound physical and mental health to become productive in your activities.
Walk-in and lets have a look at how TIP works.

TOP 8 Benefits that Coworking Space Offers


Coworking space is a new term which not so familiar in many countries, however, most of the developed and developing countries adapted to this concept and is now considered to be upcoming infrastructure base idea for business units. Back in early business times, employees were not given much facilities with a little remuneration. Over the period of time, this concept has changed and many new facilities are allocated to employees. However, business individuals always find its way to reduce the money spend on Employees. Now the latest addition in innovation list is co-working space which is more interesting for employees and money saver for Employers.


Coworking space is renting a space or infrastructure from a working space provider. Such working space rent out even 1 single seat and related amenities. There the firm will have to pay only for the requested seat and amenities and the employee will share the working location with colleagues from other companies. This reduces the cost of total infrastructure maintenance for company and employee get to know many other working professionals and working culture.

Coworking space is considered to be a futuristic invention. The amount of money a business unit is spending on leased properties are too much and co-working idea may provide them with a chance to save a lot of money which they can use in a better productive section.

Here we are listing out the main points why you should prefer working in a Coworking space.

1. Better Focus on the work

Coworking spaces are free from the monotonous and stressful office life and extra comfort work from home. Coworking spaces are consist of basic facilities for employees and employees from different companies and startups. This kind of scenario help to stay calm & composed and focus on your work. Having colleagues from different companies around help to stay more professional to make a good impression before them for the sake of own personality as well as for own company reputation. Many IT companies in Kerala interested in Co-working spaces, However lack of availability makes it difficult for them to grab an offer. TIP from Thrissur it park is allocating their space to make sure that all co-working space interested firms explore the opportunity.


2. Expand our Network

Co-Working space also provides you option to expand your network through other colleagues working in the same building. Since all are working for different companies, co working space let you explore other working cultures, meet new interesting people and share your experiences with them. It also helps you to give you more insight about the organizations and how different companies works and help you to grow personally as well as professionally through meeting more professionals and persons. There many IT companies in Kerala who are interested in this idea also initiating such Idea. One of them is TIP in Thrissur.

3. Flexibility

Coworking space offers you more flexibility compare to an office and also provide more professional focus than when you are working from home. Coworking space is a perfect balance between office stress and home comfort. This provided flexibility makes you grow more professionally and personally. Many IT companies in Kerala prefer Co-working space for the financial factor and employee welfare. TIP centers in Thrissur provide a co-working area which is at the prime location of the city.

4. Never be Alone

In Co-working spaces, Most of the employees who occupied in other seats may not be just employees, you could be sitting or conversing with any startup boss or company CEO. Such interactions are not possible if you are working from an office or home. Surrounded by the interesting person will make it feel that you are alone and find yourself more secure than before. TIP It park Thrissur is one of co-working space provider. They have opened the co-working space in the prime location of the Thrissur city.

IT companies in Kerala

5. Help to find the new client

Basically, Coworking space is more suitable for freelancers and startup persons. They will find more and more people and can learn from the experienced individuals. This will also help them to find new clients and grow their business within their office premises. A co-working space for an individual is much cheaper and a beginning freelancer can afford the rent. TIP IT park in Thrissur is one of the firms who is facilitating co-working space in Kerala. TIP being at the prime location of the city, it would be a nice deal if the interested entrepreneurs can walk in or contact for more details.

6. Work-Life Balance.

Work life balance in IT companies is often considered an imbalance. Since many officials carry work-life issues and stress to home, Personal life goes for a toss most of the time. Co working space let you change the scenario and let the employee free from the office pressure and annoying manager who is always behind the back. Although the online follow will always be there, Co-working space cannot repeat the same office pressure. Thus it gives more freedom and relief and a better-balanced work and personal life. One of the major IT company who provides Coworking space is TIP in Kerala. They facilitate working space at the prime location of Thrissur city which is more convenient for both bus travelers and train travelers.

7. Satisfied Employee

It is not easy that you are working and satisfied at the same time unless you are doing your dream job. Coworking space let you breathe and focus on your work, better than at your office or at home. Relief from the office pressure and fixed office timing let an employee feel relaxed and happier in nature. Thus it ensures a happy employee and a happy balanced life. Working at regular hours and finding time for personal life is easier when working in coworking space. Hence while you are looking for office locations, consider coworking locations which may fulfill your at less cost thus resulting in a satisfied employee and company. coworking space in Thrissur is open now and Thrissur IT Park is providing the facility at city prime location.

IT companies in Kerala

8. More Productive

Coworking space offers you more calm and composed environment compared to Office and Home atmosphere. When you are out of pressure and less distraction, you bound to work more productive. This is exactly what coworking space offers you. Its calm environment, Less distraction since other co-workers who are from the different company is not aware of your work details and busy on their own work. This scenario gives employees a space to focus on their work and complete it to perfection which office premises or home cannot give. There are many upcoming IT frames in Kerala who are likely to provide coworking spaces to their employee to escape from the maintenance cost. Most of the best startup company in Thrissur are working from coworking spaces to have all the facility that an office gives and also provide more flexibility than a startup expect.

Coworking space is a new idea that comes up for targeting the maintenance burden that companies experience. Coworking spaces provide the spaces per employee and other related facilities for rent and make it more convenient for business owners to place their employees. This idea is spreading wide across the world and many Indian companies in Metropolitan cities are already using this facility. new IT park in Thrissur and upcoming IT frames from kerala likely to use this facility because of the easy moving facility it provides. TIP is already providing co-working space from Trichur.

Employee OR Entrepreneur

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Waiting for your monthly paycheck? or waiting to see your monthly turnover?. An employee and entrepreneur, are like the two sides of a coin. An employee is a person who works day and night for himself, while a entrepreneur is who works 24/7 for himself and others. TIP center in Kerala offers you a better chance to build your new office if you have a dream business. Providing you with a Business meeting center in Kerala, virtual office facilities and much more. These are some differences between an employee and an entrepreneur.

<>Business Development Center from Thrissur

1.Thought Process

An employee thinks without starting, while an entrepreneur starts without thinking. Employees often overthink their inefficiency about their job & get worried about their job quality even before starting the job, while entrepreneurs know little about everything and they start off with it. An entrepreneur would never doubt his capability, but an employee will.

2.Time to Act

Employees often wait for their best time to arrive, while entrepreneurs often create the best time. An entrepreneur is ready to do business anytime and anywhere, but an employee is trapped in his obligations and mindset will make them wait for the right time. At information technology Kerala entrepreneurs are encouraged and taught to understand the value of time.

business development center from thrissur

3.Promotion Time!!

An employee will usually wait for his promotion, but an entrepreneur will always wait to see his business promote. The gift of seeing the matter in an overall perspective is a boon for entrepreneurs, while employees have a narrow and short eyesight.

4. Dream do come true!!

While employees are busy dreaming their plan, entrepreneurs prefer planning their dream. Entrepreneurs have a strong will power, of getting things done. If entrepreneurs wish to set a TIP center in Kerala they can make it happen, while employees would still prefer to work all day and to dream all night.

business development center from thrissur

5.Money Vs Time

For an employee money is important, it is for money they work day-to-night. While an entrepreneur knows the value of time. Time and money are both important sources of a business, money once gone will take time to come back, but time once lost cant be brought back with money. Which clearly says the time is more important than money. TIP centers in Thrissur provide you with services that can help you in the management of time.


An employee’s life becomes more annoying and suffocating when they realize they have to do the same routine day in-day out for the rest of their life, this makes them hate their self and their surrounding often. While an entrepreneur’s life does also have frustration times, but at least they get frustrated with the job they love doing, which makes frustration vanish fast.

7.Feel free!

Being an entrepreneur helps you be free as a bird, you are the boss of your will and can enjoy your job with time to time breaks, But an employee is a stuck to their chair with the weight of obligations and office ethics. So a shout out to all those employees who wish to start a own business, do visit TIP center in Kerala.

Business Development Center from Thrissur

8.Why work hard, when you can work smart!

Employees work hard to solve problems which are easily solved by entrepreneurs in a smart way and in a much effective way.


An employee may feel depressed about the failure that occurs in their career, but a failure in a entrepreneurs life acts like a wake up call. Entrepreneurs make sure not to repeat the problem, not by skipping the problem but by solving it.

No 1 IT park in Thrissur, TIP provides you with the best service you deserve to create your dream business, TIP is ready to offer you their best service, but the question is, are you an employee or entrepreneur?

Advantages Of Doing Work At Night In TIP

Information technology thrissur

Modern-day business houses prefer working 24/7 a day, but due to employee welfare and healthcare issues, some companies step down on a night shift for their employees. While on the other hand there are some employees who wish to work at night they are called the “Night owl workers.” TIP Center in Kerala provide you as a night owl, to establish your workstation or work on your business at night.

<>Information technology thrissur

Information technology Thrissur center suggests that today work has no formal time, anyone, at any time can work from where they wish. So why don’t you come to TIP in Thrissur where they provide you with the best facility if you wish to be a night owl.

At TIP It park Thrissur you are provided with facilities like a hot seat, wifi, printers, scanners, legal services, cafeteria, accounts and you also get a business meeting center in Kerala, that too in the crowdest city of Kerala and in the heart of Thrissur.
But the crowd ain’t gonna affect you at night, is it? There are many factors that tell you the advantage you will get while working as a “Night owl worker” So let’s take a look at those advantages:

1)Earn more.

If you are working for a firm or a company, working at night can provide you with a better chance to make more money. Companies and firms want to be available 24/7 these days, to make this possible you need to have employees working every time, that’s why shifts are created by firms to maintain and sustain the workflow around the clock.

Information technology thrissur

So its usual that companies would pay you more for all those sleepless nights you sacrificed and your well being. You would not only earn money, but also you will earn time, some family time, time for entertainment, paying your bills visiting government offices such all factors become easy for you when you work at night.

2)Growing your career

If your work has to deal with international clients, you indeed will have to work at night and contact them at that time around. As our night happens to be their working time, you will have to contact international delegates, which simply means you will have to talk to them and spread your networks to make the deals done.

Information technology thrissur

Having business meeting center from Thrissur, you may have to talk to a company in America, which means you can develop your language, interpersonal and communication skills, which is necessary for your growth in today’s business date.

3)You will never be late for work!

Working at night will never get you late for work. Morning time may trouble you with traffic, but if you work at night it would be easy for you to reach your office, so you can predict your time to work.

Information technology thrissur

This will give you a relaxed mind to work with no tension or problems, which is actually the aim of TIP from Thrissur, to provide you with the best working environment at day and night.

4)Pin Drop Silence

I agree that all the silence may make your work time boring, but that only happens when you don’t have any work to do. Silence helps you to avoid all those distractions that you may have in the daytime.

You can concentrate much better on your work when there is less distraction, which helps you to do your best work at a swift rate.

These are some of the main advantages of working at night, so what’s your plan? Actually, it does not matter if you wish to work at night or day, all that matters is your will to work. TIP is the best place for entrepreneurs to start their initiative.

Start Your Entrepreneur Career Rightnow?

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It’s never late to be a entrepreneur, neither there is “too soon age” to be an entrepreneur. If you have an idea and you know that you can develop that idea, just go for it. View big, be positive about your idea and try your level best to make things happen right. If you fail once and you stop there, that’s where you fail but if you keep trying you will succeed a day. Thomas Alva Edison knew thousand ways how not to build the bulb before he actually build one, so can you build a business you always wished for. No 1 IT park in thrissur is all set to launch a roller coaster ride for all the new entrepreneurs who wish to establish a new first hand business.

<>flats in guruvayur

Information technology thrissur, presents reasons to be an entrepreneur!

1. Time

At first stage you may have to work for a long time for a little pay eventually as your business spreads, you will work less and earn more. This will provide you with lot of free time that you can utilize for other purposes.

2 . A story

Apart from the technical terms, let’s think about something emotional. Once your business is all set, you have a success story to tell. You can share yours entrepreneur story with young minds who wish to be an entrepreneur.

3. Tax benefits

Back to the technical part, tax benefits is a part, that all entrepreneurs are blessed with. Some government policies provide assistance for new entrepreneurs, so make sure you meet your accountant and get all the information you need about your tax benefits.

information technology in thrissur

4. Pride

You will a have sense of pride within yourself once you become an entrepreneur. An employee working day and night for their employer would lack a sense of Pride within them. TIP It park thrissur provides you with a chance to start your own business, and feel the pride within you.

5. Job security.

Ever been fired ? Being an entrepreneur you are the boss of your organisation. So you don’t need to worry about getting fired. It’s your show and you won’t let go.

6. Networking

Being an entrepreneur you will get to meet many people. You will get to meet entrepreneurs like yourself, as usually entrepreneurs rely on each other. At starting, the business won’t be stable. Entrepreneurs usually meet many people everyday and increase their network.

7. Doing good.

Being an entrepreneur, provides you with a choice to do good deeds. As the owner of a company you decide where your profits should go. You can give your employees a bonus or even start a charity, for the ones in need.

8. Novelty.

Being an entrepreneur provides you with chances of experiencing something new and unique daily. You get to experience things that you have never have done before, things that maybe you couldn’t have done if you were not an entrepreneur, things out of your cubic circle.

9. Mentorship

TIP in kerala, provide you with an opportunity to be an mentor. Teach the ones who are in need in your field, provide them assistance at points where they get stuck and try to share your experience, with all the newcomers.

information technology in thrissur
10. Create jobs

Once you have a proper running business, you create jobs, which provides new innovative minds with jobs. You can appoint experienced or freshers for job, in other words you will build a social role in cutting down unemployment. Information technology thrissur aims to cut down unemployment.

If you have an idea or a business in your mind, why not making it into work? TIP will provide wings to your aim, provide you with some great offices that can help you develop your business better.

TIP: Renting Your Dream Workspace

Bigger business? Freelancer? Have you started up or are you planning to build up your own empire in business? Well..Renting an office space is an exciting and intelligent step for your entrepreneurship. It symbolises that you have got into something that warranties your work being done and this is the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur.
This is the best and efficient solution to spend the least amount of money not compromising on your needs before jumping into the big break. If it is just a start up then the extremely high property rate can burden you, instead, go for the option renting your workspace that can save you money for the smoother run later.
This is the reason behind lots of coworking spaces popping out in every cities. Thrissur IT Park is a multi beneficial working space in the cultural capital of Kerala that is accessible for all those who have a plan and a team to build up the best fortune.

Thrissur IT Park

All About Thrissur IT Park

Are you looking for hot desks, private or coworking offices on rent? Then TIP is the home for you. In the beating heart of creative Thrissur which is the most culturally iconic land in Kerala is the best suited spot to open  up an office for your business and the elegant space for you is right here at TIP in Kerala. The beautiful spaces in the IT park in Thrissur is a mixture of hot desking and private offices for all-size-teams that is equipped with everything you need to do your work at the peak level while enjoying every moment you spend in here. We are already booked by many entrepreneurs and we are super proud to be chosen by many freelancers, small start ups and even bigger businesses.
It is a TIP promise that you will be provided the best coworking atmosphere whether you need a single office cabin or a large area for your team to work efficiently. Best IT Park in Thrissur is packed with elegant appearance, excellent working condition, utilitarian network and many more..

Exclusive TIP Products

  • Virtual Office

Virtual office at TIP IT Park is for those who need only an office address and cannot bear the expense of a dedicated office space.
You will be able to have a business address at prime location in the city with a dedicated office assistant, call answering services, a dedicated phone number, etc.  Also, you will be provisioned with business meeting spaces whenever required to boost up your business. TIP’s virtual office is best for people on the move, working from home, trainers etc.

  • Private Office

TIP in Thrissur has the excellently furnished offices for your private workspace added up with professional amenities for a smoother office day.
We are equipped with all the amenities like world class furniture-comfy and elegant, alluring interiors, high speed internet connections and other facilities. You will be offered peaceful and comfortable ambience to work alone as a solopreneur.

  • Dedicated Desk

IT Park in Kerala provides an office set up dedicated for individual people or a group with all the required amenities for you to work effectively in the office space. You will be provided with more privacy including a filing cabinet which you can lock to safeguard your personal belongings at the end of the day.

  • Co-working Space

This workspace will provide you an unassigned desk in a common area with all the facilities for a smoother working area. You’ll be advantaged with flexibility to choose shifts as per your requirements. With an additional charge you can have a private locker facility in the office space.
Coworking space in Thrissur is a great idea to kick start your business without much investment that gives you comfortable work space that is both time and cost effective.

  • Meeting Space

TIP is equipped with magnificent conference halls and guest rooms that are available on paying additional charges, being the best business meeting centres in Trichur. Host your event with all the backup facilities to make it a great success. You can also avail meeting rooms for quick meetings with team members or clients.

So, book your office space at TIP that has all the specs to meet your business goals. We have everything to run your office at affordable price with standardised operations and all required support like technical, working space, provisional and service facilities. Your workspace is waiting..


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