Frequently asked questions

What are your hours of operation ?

The park works 24 hours and is available at any time. You are the one who should choose an appropriate plan that is convenient to you.

If my company is renovating or relocating within the park, will Thrissur IT park help me ?

Thrissur IT park is a place where you can temporarily work and any relocation or renovating within the park will be seconded by the park, if necessary.

What should I carry to work at park ?

Bring exactly what you bring when you are going to work from a coffee shop. If you bring in, you should bring out and storage facility within the park is also provided if you require.

Do you offer any kind of discounts ?

No. our rates are basically low so we would not like to discount them further.

When is this starting ?

We will be starting immediately and there is no much formalities in booking an area in Thrissur IT park as it is not at all a complex process.

Do you have a spare mouse/charging cords/cellphone charger ?

In general we don't keep spare electronic items, but sometimes you can get it from the front desk, but its not guaranteed.

How fast is your internet speed ?

Our WiFi is very fast and we have connection all over the building.